Avtonom #33 English summary. Autumn 2011

Backside of the cover: Digital weapon of the proletariat. Announcement of the antijob.anho.org – collective on campaign to record violations of the workers rights and to publish them online.

Page 1: Editorial Valeri Listyev. , with a very brief analysis of the current situation.


Page 2: Into the wild. Teenage anarchist writes about her collusion with the Russian juvenile institutions.

Page 4: School of slavery and obedience. Heller criticizes modern system of education.

Page 8: Discourse of glamour as a semiotic system of the social reality. An attack against production of images.

Page 12: Arab spring – from bourgeois revolution to bourgeois massacre. Sakharniy Holm is frustrated on how things went in Libya.


Page 14: Anarchy in the universities. An interview with student union “Direct Action” in Ukraine.

Page 18: To be demolished. Comrade Zhukov documents struggle of garage cooperative against urban developers in St. Petersburg.

Page 20: Libcom 2010 behind the curtains. One of the organisers of the biggest anarchist gathering of year 2010 in Russia reveals its inner workings.


Page 22: I plan to fight as long as I can. An interview with Roman “Surgeon” Mironenko, anti-fascist militant, football fan and winner of M-1 selection in Belarus 2010.

Page 24: No surrender 3. Report from third anti-fascist mixfight tournament, organised 30th of April in Minsk of Belarus. Also short article on history of MMA.

Anarchist Black Cross

Page 26: Repressions against anarchist movememnt in Belarus – results, reasons, conclusions.

Page 30: Interview with mother of Ihar Alinevich, a Belarusian anarchist who got 8 years sentence for involvement in underground struggle against the authoritarian regime.

Page 32: List of imprisoned anarchists and anti-fascists.

Page 34: Authorities chose a role of an ostrich. Last words of Andrei Kutuzov, a Tyumen anarchist framed up for “instigating social hatred against police”, in court.

Loudspeaker (opinions)

Page 37: On anarchism and violence. Yet another take on one of the all-time favorite subjects.


Page 39: Small Nürenberg in regional court of Moscow. Andrey Estube writes how a court case against murderers of Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova become a public disaster against the Nazi movement.

Loudspeaker (opinions)

Page 42: Do not hurry to fall into that net! Confessions of a diehard. Peyta Ryabov explains, why he still does not use the internet.


Page 46: Many faces of liberty. Nikolay Gerasimov writes on methodology of anarchism.

Page 50: Insurrectionary anarchism. Russian translation of the first half of the influential article from Do or Die magazine. Original in English is available here: http://www.eco-action.org/dod/no10/anarchy.htm

Photo-Chronicle of actions

Pages 54-63: Anarchist Mayday, anti-fascist memorial demonstrations 19th of January, campaign against repression of Andrey Kutuzov, exhibition of antifascist artist and refugee Denis Solopov, anarchist Pryamukhino readings in birthplace of Bakunin, Deserter Day 2011-festival, campaign against repression of anarchists in Belarus and occupy movement all around the world.


Page 64: Ba Kin. Ilyas Falkaev continues his articles on Chinese anarchists.

Page 68: Pleasantly yours, tsar. A guest contribution of a Crimethinc agent on turbulent history of 17th century Russia.


Page 70: Red and Black Hašek. Comrade Arkadi takes on anarchist ideas of the Czech author.

Page 72: Power to the people. First half of the interview of John Lennon for Robin Blackburn and Tariq Ali, published 1970 in Red Mole-magazine. English original is available here: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/carousel/pob12.html

Page 76: We are intelligible to wide audience. Avtonom interviews Vadim Kurylev, veteran of Soviet Rock (of bands such as DDT) who now tours with his anarchist rock band “Electric Partisans”.

Page 80: No more songs about pubs. Interview of State of War, anti-fascist hardcore band from Nizhni Novgorod.

Mother of order – anarcho-feminist bulletin inside Avtonom

Page 82: M and F – gender interests of the system of alienation.

Page 86: Distributors of Avtonom – journal.

Page 87: How to order past issues



Author columns

Владимир Платоненко

The worst thing Putin has done in Ukraine is to reconcile the authorities with the people. The president has turned from an object of universal criticism into the Ukrainian Charles de Gaulle.1 The general of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry offers to deliver himself to the Russian army in...

1 year ago
Антти Раутиайнен

The results of the first 30 years of “democracy” in Ukraine are, to put it mildly, unconvincing. The economy and the media are in the hands of rival oligarchs, corruption is at staggering levels, economic development lags behind many African countries, and in addition, the country has become the...

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