Avtonom #32 English Summary. Winter 2011

Page 2: An Invitation to anti-fascist demonstration of 19th of January to commemorate our comrades Stanislav Markelov and Anastasiya Baburova, murdered that day back in 2009.

Page 3: Editorial: A struggle with the unknown. Valeri Listyev writes about uncertainities of the current situation.


 Page 3: Army of Clowns against assault rifles. A short history of Rebel Clown Army and other creative anti-militarist initiatives in UK, USA, Israel and Russia.

Page 4: On voluntary basis. A piece by I.P. on necessity of communitarian experiments.

Page 6: Touchy patriotism. Pyotr Ryabov writes about artificial creation of patriotic mythology in today's Russia.

Page 8: Imagined past and unpredictable future. Valeri Listyev argues, what is the difference between Nazi and anti-authoritarian concepts of the direct action.

Page 10: Roads are put outside of politics. Yusup Pehlevi comments new laws, which introduce felony charges against any protest which blocks road transport.

Kind fists – skinhead bulletin inside Avtonom

Page 12. Vanya. Notes of a co-conspirator. Zjudez commemorates Ivan Khutorskoy, murdered in November of 2010. This article has been translated in English, and is available here: http://avtonom.org/en/news/notes-co-conspirator

Page 16: International actions in memory of Ivan Khutorskoy

Page 17: Drop yours, another one and two more. An interview with anti-fascist football fans of FC Arsenal Kiev.

Anarchist Black Cross

Page 20: Alone in damp darkness. Gennadi Antonov-Rodonezhky gives advice, how to handle a misdemeanor arrest.

Page 22: Unbroken! Translation of the short autobiography of prison resister John Bowden from UK. English version available here: http://325.nostate.net/library/tear-down-the-walls-2010.pdf

Page 26: List of anarchist prisoners in Greece

Page 28: A felony for a cake. Repressions against anarchists of Tyumen, Siberia

Loudspeaker (opinions)

Page 29: Let us reclaim the night. I.P. Writes about most hideous crimes of the capitalism – robbery of night.

Page 31: Without a consensus. Direct action means no direct democracy. Aleksandr Karlonov explains divergence of these concepts.

Page 33: Zemsnaryad. Account of succesfull eco-defence of banks of river Dnyepr in Kiev, Ukraine.


Page 34: The ideology of victimization by Feral Faun. English original of this text is available here: http://anti-politics.net/feral-faun/ideology-of-victimization.html

Page 36: Veganism. By CrimethInc. English original of this text is available here: http://crimethinc.com/texts/atoz/veganism.php

Page 38: Outburst of anarchism and communism – or diversity, fun and enthousiasm. Pyotr Ryabov is positive about conference Libertarian Communism – 2010.

Page 39: End and resume of the anti-globalisation movement. Igor Popov summarizes critically a decade of protest.

Page 44: Revolutionary consumerism. Vladimir Pravdopodobnov attacks so-called “ultra-left” and other “critics of activism”.

Page 48: A right to riot. Polina Yeliseyevna comments Khimki protests, which were a high point of anarchist and anti-fascist radicalism in 2010.

Photo-Chronicle of actions

Pages 50-59: Demonstration in memory of Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova, protests against police brutality in Moscow and Kharkov, for “Monstration” and against repression in Novosibirsk, anarchist 1st of May, Against department of counteraction against extremism in Moscow, against urban development in Ufa, for free public transport in Tyumen, against destruction of Khimki forest, international actions for anti-fascists repressed after Khimki forest campaign, and last but not least St. Petersburg graffiti “Nazis secretly eat shawarma”


Page 60: Molotov cocktails against image of the president. Polina Krotova analyses recent repressions against anarchists in Belarus.

Page 62: A letter to editors – Cossacks never give up. The Splendors and Miseries of life in city of Kropotkin in Krasnodar region.

Page 63: Basically.... a comment of a consumer.

Page 64: A feeling that you do not live in vain. Arina Maykhova summarizes a sociological survey on motivation of youth to participate to protest movements.

Mother of order – anarcho-feminist bulletin inside Avtonom

Page 66: With whom to date. Potap Otasovski reflects on a fundamental revolutionary question.

Radical lazybones - paper version of http://antijob.anho.org, Network of Workplace Resistance

Page 67: Anarchism and sex. Translated from Organise! #59, English original is available here: http://libcom.org/library/anarchism-and-sex

Page 72: Abolish restaurants - a worker's critique of the food service industry (shortened). English original available here: http://www.prole.info/ar.html

Page 76: Now that's an occupation – office as the new frontier of the squatting movement. A CrimethInc translation from first issue of Rolling Thunder, original available in English here: http://thecloud.crimethinc.com/pdfs/rolling_thunder_1.pdf

Page 82: Workers' Struggle. A role ovf left and ideological evolution of “independent” trade-unions by Rash.

History of the libertarian resistance

Page 84: A palestinian territory. Denish Batshev writes about a struggle for memorial museum of Kropotkin in Moscow, building of which is now representation of Palestinian Authority.

Page 86: I know who killed chief superintendent Luigi Calabresi by Alfredo Bonanno. English translation of the same text is available here: http://pantagruel-provocazione.blogspot.com/search/label/I%20know%20who%20killed%20chief%20superintendent%20Luigi%20Calabresi


Page 91: I want to teach people meaning of these symbols. An interview of David Chichkan, anarchist painter from Kiev.

Book reviews

Page 92: Instruments of reaching a consensus. Excerpts from book of Peter Gelderloos “Consensus: A New Handbook For Grassroots Political, Social And Environmental Groups”.

Page 95. Pyotr Ryabov reviews “Stas Markelov. Nobody besides me”, a book in memory of a left-wing lawyer murdered in Moscow. Arina Maykhova reviews “From consumers to activists – social movements in Russia of today”.

Page 96: What do we want? Short summary of Autonomous Action

Page 98: Distributors of Avtonom – journal.

Page 99: How to order past issues



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