Editorial policy of the Avtonom.org website

Thank you for supporting our project. It is important, in order for us to create a truly interesting anti-authoritarian resource, which is an alternative to capitalist media.

We are happy to publish any content, controversial one as well. However, to avoid our website becoming a rubbish heap, we have established a number of minimum conditions, which all of the content should fulfill - otherwise our forum would be a better place for it:

  1. Foul language is not allowed

  2. Try to avoid factual and orthographical mistakes

  3. News should be published with a simple, understandable language which corresponds to language of the section.

  4. All content should be signed (pseudonyms are allowed).

  5. It is only allowed to publish personal information about participators of the anti-authoritarian movement with agreement of the respective persons.

  6. Personal, unsubstantiated assaults against participators of the anti-authoritarian movement are not allowed.

  7. Content should be adequate. There should not be exaggerations, and there should be a balance between agitational and informational aspects of the content.

  8. Please avoid excessive use of pathetic slogans.

  9. Content should not contradict Manifesto or other policies of Autonomous Action.

  10. News should not be outdated.

  11. Faces of participators of the movement in photographs should be made unrecognizable, unless there is an agreement of the contrary.

  12. Initial picture should correspond with the content, and picture resolution should be good enough. Avoid using same picture too often.

Content which does not follow these instructions may be removed from the site without further notice. In case you have any questions, contact editorial collective of the website.


Author columns

Курдистан против политических репрессий в России
Авраам Гильен

18th March, 2018 (election day in Russia) anarchists all over the world have become the main force who expressed the protest against Putin's political machine. It was supporters of direct self-management who stood up most active in russian election day. A great wave of actions of solidarity...

3 years ago
Logo Roter Stern

I find myself in a former police van with football fans, punk-rock and political discussions about the upcoming elections in Austria. Мy friend and I hadn’t gotten seats in the fan bus and guys agreed to give us a ride in the ex cop wagon. We drive through the towns and villages of Saxony to...

3 years ago