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Welcome to avtonom.org portal

Immediately after receiving your passport by e-mail, you may comment posts and upload free news signed by your username. Please acquintance yourself with Here is a selection from it:

  1. Claims of superiority of any group of people over another are not allowed in the site - such as racism, sexism or homophobia.
  2. It is only allowed to publish personal information about participators of the anti-authoritarian movement with agreement of the respective persons. It is not allowed to publish any information, which may endanger safety of the participators of the anti-authoritarian movement.
  3. Personal, unsubstantiated assaults against participators of the anti-authoritarian movement are not allowed.
  4. It is not allowed to spread rumors and disinformation.
  5. Faces of participators of the movement in photographs should be made unrecognizable, unless there is an agreement of the contrary.
  6. Foul language is not allowed