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Concert in support of politzeki

And so friends here and make up some long-awaited day of our first in this season openeyera who also was in support of political prisoners and in particular Arthur Valeeva (Borger), who is serving a sentence for his anti-fascist beliefs.

Prior to the concert was infa gather all near TC CL. While going out a little konfuzik that all pleased and amused. In place of the meeting came 15 years zigomety who gave the boys a bit scared and hospitable welcome soon went home to Mom, what would they had not been offended.Until recently, nobody knew where and how the concert will be held. To my arrival at the place was infa that guys firing cops and the crowd moved into the loose in the direction of residential areas, which in a few minutes, literally filled with young Kompashki who sat ugarali and fired district approach to the case of every wickedness. We walked a couple of laps at the area where different people from the motion nakazhdom step. Then blended with one of the little benches and waited for the call-back organizers.Half an hour later vysyanilos that everything is fine and can be moved into place, the place was an abandoned building, where all the equipment and deployed. The result was a concert in unauthorized occupation of the building. Although some A problem for the concert gathered davolno a lot of people who have forgotten about the problems outside the concert davolno quickly, because that day will feature performances by groups from Kirov, Kazan, Izhevsk, as well as Funky shit that fouled excellent performance hip-hopa. Of all the groups I particularly liked the gang truth and years are not lost in vain, are perfectly prepared for this day and dazhi rehearsed songs that are dedicated Borger.By the way the group Banda truth was founded by him, the songs written by him play and sing all their speeches. In general, all played very cool, a special fervor brought a group RxSxAx singer whose every now and then forgot about the microphone while dancing in the hall, instead of it is sung by some that a special pleasure and involvement in the scene all the people who came to this show.

It all ended act late in the evening. Dengie derived from it will give parents of Borger.That little list of groups that spoke at the concert as well as ssylochki on their group facebook account:
Tell me why?! (Hardcore, Kirov)

Skywalker (modern hardcore, Kirov)

The years are not lost in vain (hardcore punk, Kazan)

Banda True (street punk, Kazan)

Last Chance Last Hero (pop punk, Kazan)

Enrikio (crust punk, Kazan)
Children's king (shaman hardcore, Kazan)

First Fucking February (pop punk, Kazan)

Funky shit (hip-hop, Kazan)

Pubic mohawk (punk rock, Kazan)

RxSxAx (Thrashcore, Kazan)

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