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The action of solidarity with the residents of informal settlements in South Africa!

This afternoon, about 13 hours, the South African Embassy in Moscow, a small group of anarchists held an unauthorized picket in support of social activists and residents of informal settlements in South Africa.Participants unfurled a banner "No to repression against activists in South Africa," had scattered leaflets in the open windows of the embassy and lit the fireworks. On the banner was the emblem of the movement represented "Abahlali baseMjondolo" ("Movement Shack Dwellers") - a powerful grass-roots protest movement of the poor in South Africa, which is subjected to repression.

Everyone managed to escape from the scene, and a banner left at the neck of a perturbed police officer.



Text of leaflet:

No to repressions! STOP REPRESSIONS!!! No to repressions!!! STOP REPRESSIONS!!!


We do this action in order to express solidarity with all oppressed people in South Africa! Since the residents of informal settlements, are being evicted in the transit camps «Blikkiesdorp», with informal traders, who at the request of FIFA banned the trade during the World Cup in the tourist areas.We express our solidarity with those whose voices are silenced and silenced in the modern "democratic" South Africa - a movement "Abahlali baseMjondolo" in Durban, which in September 2009 and underwent a planned attack in the settlement, "Kennedy road".

We see how, after coming to power of the African National Congress, the majority black population continues to live on the brink of poverty.Deportations to concentration camps, the demolition of informal settlements, forcing the poor as a class outside of the cities that are intended elites should be a place of residence of the rich and the cradle of their capital - that is what the ANC offers for their citizens who fought L for many years against apartheid and received in return a new system of exploitation and oppression.

We want to remind the Government of South Africa that the whole world looks up to you! As a long time ago, we express our protest, and his anger policies of oppression and domination in the poorest residents of South Africa.


With Anarchists


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More information about the protest movements and skvotterskih communities in South Africa see:




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