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August 12, Angarsk city court will begin hearing the case of the Nazi attack on eco-camp

21 July 2007 on the ecological camp in Angarsk, Irkutsk Oblast, protested against the establishment of an international uranium enrichment center, the group attacked the Nazis. The attack killed party movement "Autonomous Action" from Nakhodka Ilya Borodaenko. Two activists were seriously injured. The investigation lasted for 1,5 years, then the case was transferred to the Angarsk city court, but the three judges returned the materials for further investigation. 12 August, more than three years after the attack, in Angarsk will begin hearings on the criminal case against the Nazis.

The prosecution in a criminal case brought against 20 young people, more than 11 of them at the time of the attack were minors.All the attackers were accused of gang hooliganism (Part 2 of Art. 213 of the Criminal Code), six of them - in grievous bodily harm resulting in death of the victim (part 4 st.111 CCRF), and two men charged with robbery as well (part 1 of article . 161 of the Criminal Code) and intentional damage to property (Part 2 of Art. 167 of the Criminal Code). The case will be heard after the composition of juvenile Angarsk city court.
19 defendants to date have signed a recognizance.Another assailant - Evgeny Panov - for the past three years has become defendants in three other criminal cases involving racist violence. One of them he even managed to get a conviction - 200 hours of labor. He has also beaten the group of cyclists and skateboarders in May 2009, beating in public transport resident of Buryatia and the attack on the working of Azerbaijan. In July 2010 Panov was taken into custody.
Recall environmental camp in July 2007 was organized movements "Autonomous Action" and "Keepers of the rainbow.At the time of the attack there were 20 people, all of them were recognized as victims. The Nazis attacked the camp at 4 o'clock in the morning, when not asleep, and were outside the tents, only three night duty. Using bits of iron sticks and other objects, the attackers struck at the tents of sleeping in their people. Activists of the "autonomous action" Ilya Borodaenko injuries were incompatible with life.
Legal support to victims has Human Rights Association "Agora" and Chita Human Rights Center.
Hearings on the case would be August 12 at 10 am in Angarsk city court (court of the juvenile) at ul.Moscow, 6, tel. Secretary +7(3955) 51-23-16.

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