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In Germany, the action of solidarity with the anti-fascists in Ukraine and Russia

Fans of the German football club "Rote Stern" city of Leipzig in solidarity with anti-fascists, who suffered from Nazi attack in Ukraine and Russia. Upsurge in attention to the problem rassprostraneniya fascist ideology in the CIS is associated with the last serious attack on football fans attending the "football sector free of Nazism." According , 25th of August, fans of the German "Rote Stern" held the first of a series of actions of solidarity with the anti-Nazis in Eastern Europe.

During the last game of his command, in addition to the traditional flags and banners with slogans against racism and Nazism, the Germans put up a banner on this sad occasion.

Recall that the Aug. 15, in Kiev, after the match Arsenal (Kiev) - "Volyn (Lutsk) happened very much an armed attack committed by the extreme right in the capital.was attacked by 30 people coming out with a fan-sector Arsenal, known for its anti-racist stance was attacked by 50 neo-Nazis among fans of the capital's "Dinamo".

Mass brawl on the basis of ideological strife occurred between the stadium and subway im.Bannikova Palace Ukraine.The incident was clearly outside the "okolofutbolnyh 'encounters: the attackers were armed with knives, brass knuckles and a big gas bottle to break up street demonstrations, shouting slogans" Heil Hitler "and« White power »; littered the ground brutally slaughtered.

In the course of a fight ultra committed attempted murder - one of the stretcher fans of Arsenal inflicted three stab stab in the back.Two stroke caught the lungs, in consequence of that guy was operated . Other victims of the attack were burns on the face of pepper gas and head injuries. Another was taken to hospital with broken teeth and memory loss.

It is worth adding that the day before, in Russia, in Pushkin, during the final match of the Cup of the North-West region between the teams "Discovery of Karelia" (Petrozavodsk) - "Phosphorit (Kingisepp) there was a mass brawl .On the 45 th minute, the stadium burst into an organized group of people with private individuals, numbering about 100 people attacked a group of Karelian support team of about 40 people, among whom were Devushkin a public place, nor the presence of police officers, nor the presence of the press and spectators with children are not confused by the attackers.

Also planned demonstration of solidarity with the victims of fascist violence. The demonstration will be called "Stop the Nazi terror in Eastern Europe!".The aim of the action organizers see to attract public attention to the ongoing attacks in eastern Europe. The demonstration will begin at the Embassy of Ukraine and Russia will end near the consulate.


FC Red Star - Leipzig "


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