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Baikal movement holds rally timed to the Baikal Economic Forum. Tell me and you its no destruction of Lake Baikal

Continuing series of pickets Baikal Movement on environmental problems of Lake Baikal and the concurrent VI Baikal International Economic Forum.

Irkutsk ecologists faced with some difficulties in coordinating their activities in the city administration. Thus, picketing on September 6 near Irkutsk musical theater during the opening of the festival "Stars on Baikal" was actually banned. However, members of the Baikal Movement held a solitary picket lines. Police tried to dislodge them from the square in front of the theater, but retreated under the pressure of activists of the database.

Picket on September 7 has been agreed with the authorities and held in front of the Government of the Irkutsk region.About 20 people of different age and social status were holding placards: "The alternative to Putin is, there is no alternative to Lake Baikal", "Tourists - pure Baikal!", "The painful - the shame of Russia!" And others. Two large banners decorated the park fence Kirov: "Defend Baikal together!" - Was written on one and "Do not kill me, Putin!" - A depiction of Baikal seals on the other.And in the park, behind the picket unfolded impromptu exhibition of environmental posters in different years.

In the picket participants and passers-by - tourists from Italy and St. Petersburg. Passing cars on the area served horns in solidarity with the pickets. Passed through the picket in front of BEF members were less friendly - leaflets have not taken, the questions kept quiet. When one of the picket tried to play the bagpipes, the police and administration officials resisted, believing that it will attract additional attention to the passers-by to the picket.

On the picket were collected signatures under the appeal to the Governor of the Irkutsk Region and the participants BEF.Organizer picket officially registered this letter in the waiting room of the Governor.

The picket lasted for about two hours. After graduation some activists once again went to Irkutsk Musical Theater. At this time no one bothered them, and they were able to peacefully distribute leaflets viewers.

In the nearest timeI will, and other shares Baikal Movement, for example, on 12 September, 16-00 to 18-00 is planned to picket in the center of Irkutsk at the shopping mall.

Press office of the Baikal Movement

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