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Greece - a policeman on a motorbike shot down to death 6-year-old girl

On Wednesday, January 5 police officer of the "DIAS" (specially trained debris on motorcycles, used during street demonstrations) moved to 6-year-old gypsy girl in the Menidi the north-east of Athens. According to witnesses, the girl with the other children walked down the street and singing Epiphany hymns (sung in Greece on the eve of Epiphany, January 6). Pig continued to move on the bike another 150 meters, not trying to stop and render assistance to the child.

Police officer who committed the murder, was taken to the nearest police station scene of Nea Ionia.At the murder scene were about 100 people who learned of the girl's death, attacked the police special forces, tied to the district.

According to corporate media, the policeman who killed a girl, was arrested and was to appear before the court on Wednesday evening. In an attempt to defuse the situation, the government withdrew police units from the area of Menidi.

Later it became known that the murder investigation was suspended, and police released from custody on bail. In response to this move the government anarchists held a spontaneous demonstration in Thessaloniki.In Larissa spreads information about the incident and held discussions, but a demonstration scheduled for 16 00 on Thursday. Maybe later there will be calls for the same shares in other cities, including Athens.


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