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Anarcho-communists' action at the Russian Embassy in Copenhagen

Today, December 4, a group of Anarcho-Communists went to the Russian Embassy in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, to express their position in the game, called "The elections to the lower chamber of the Federal Assembly of Russia," as well as in regards to the entire system of bourgeois "elections" in general. The activists unfurled a banner "Boycott Elections!" and chanted, "One solution - Revolution", "Abolish Putin - Freedom to the people!".

On the way to the embassy leaflets about the elections in Russia were handed out to passers-by. The following was stated in both English and Russian:

  On December, 4 the newest Kremlin-prepared show, popularly known as the "parliamentary election", will be held in Russia. We the anarchists do not believe in "parliamentary democracy", including "elections" of presidents and parliaments. Elections in any modern state are an expression of struggle between different groups of the ruling class representatives. Under capitalism there is no "democracy" as such. For instance, a worker of any enterprise lacks the right to decide what and in what quantities to produce, in which conditions to work. An enterprise owner decides everything for workers. Even in most "democratic" states parliamentary decisions are influenced only by those having money, property and power.

In Russia, however, the situation with "elections" is turned into complete absurdity. Even phony bourgeois "elections" have become a complete farce. The Party functionaries of the ruling Party of the "Court", the "United Russia", the voting list where of is headed by President Medvedev, have not deigned to conceal before the vote itself that its results are already known to them. Everybody knows that mass falsifications will take place, that many people are forced to "make right choice" by their bosses.  The television and newspapers are overrun with torrents of lies.  The new Tsars, Putin and Medvedev, happily chatter about the "economic growth", about "democracy". However, millions of people are living in complete squalor, hundreds and thousands of them being imprisoned for daring to oppose the terrible dictatorship of bourgeoisie, its secret services and bureaucrats.

What is to be done? First of all, eschew any thought about any possible "savior". Putin is completely in league
with the U.S. imperialists, the oil supplies to the West are fully guaranteed by his government. Secondly, it is necessary to stop believing in bourgeois politicians of all stripes, whatever their public name may be, "democrats", "Communists", or any other.  Yes, they may want to overthrow the present ruling elite. However, the old exploiters will be replaced by the new ones, and in some years the modern realm of darkness will be restored.  There is only one way out  the Class Struggle, the struggle of all exploited against all exploiters.

What can be really counterpoised to current Kremlin dictatorship Only a grassroots self-organization. Each day should become the time for struggle for one's rights which are, as is well known, not granted, but taken. Everywhere at your workplace, at your residence, - it is necessary to wage struggle against these parasites that have grown intolerably arrogant due to their sense of impunity. Everyone should seek for the comrades in further common actions, and when the next economic crisis grips the society "strive to throw all this scum: Putin, Medvedev, the "United Russia", the Federal Security Service and the Ministry of the Interior, and ultimately the whole capitalist system of exploitation away to the dustbin of history. As to December, 4, one should make the first step in this direction ignore the election to the lower house of the parliament. Ignore it and start fighting for the better world.

We are calling on all citizens of Russian Federation, including those residing abroad, to boycott the State Duma election on December, 4, 2011.

Boycott the election!

Given the fact that the action took place near the Russian embassy, "incidents" began almost as soon as the action did. Someone came out of the building where the voting was taking place. He looked like a policeman in civil clothing and claimed that the protesters had been paid to hold this action. He then proceeded to scream and swear at the protesters. After the "exchange of courtesies," this gentleman promised to call the police, who "would create problems."  in the best tradition of Russian officials.

Anarchists ignored this threat and continued to chant slogans and spread the flyers. After some time several policemen arrived. They stepped out of their cars and surrounded the picket.

One of the higher level officers came over towards the picket and gave a friendly hug to the man from the embassy, who had stood at the gate of the embassy watching what was happening. Afterwards, another officer came to the anarchists and said that it was an "illegal demonstration". Yet another example that the ruling class in Russia, where the power is with the bourgeoisie, officials and the secret services, can find find a common language with the ruling class in the "western countries", claiming its commitment to "free speech" and "freedom of assembly."

However, the threat of the official and his "friend" from the police did not stop the picket.

We believe that the concerted actions of activists from different countries can lead to a victory over capital.

We will fight for a better world wherever we are.

The group of Anarcho-Communists

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