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Solidarity with Egyptian women

Anarcha-feminists came today, 12 february 2013 to the embassy of Egypt in Moscow to express solidarity with victims of sexual assault-violence, that happened all through Egypt during revolution, and even after reovolution, when Brothers Muslims are in power.

We don’t have illusions about Egyptian government and we don’t ask it to protect demonstrators, who are actually protesting against system.

We appeal to demonstrators, to people, who came out to the square in order to fight for justice and better life. Women are the half of the society. It doubles voices in the streets! Women will strenghten this movement, if you say ‘no’ to middle ages customs and let women become your comreades in the struggle!

Raping is inappropriate and unacceptable. It doesn’t matter is it your comrade or just a woman in the street. Rapists are the same as pigs of regime. Islamic patriachal supremacy means enslaving women. Brothers muslims want to keep women as slaves at the kitchen. They want liberty only for heterosexual men. That’s not neither fair, nor human. If you liberate only one part of the society, it won’t be liberation, it’ll be discrimination and terror.
A woman isn’t an object, she isn’t a doll or a slave, she isn’t a cook or a housekeeper, she doesn’t belong to you.
No one can decide what should she do with her body and life.

A society built on hierarhy and discrimination can’t be fair. Real changes are possible only if you start respect yourselves and people around. Liberation is about mutual help and solidarity.

Only by consolidating their forces people will be able to depose all the tyrant and oppressors.

That’s why we say:

Free the revolutionary potential of a woman!

Woman is a comrade, not a devil!

Commit revolutionary violence, not sexual!

Russian anarcho-feminists

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