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Demonstrate for Russian political prisoners in Helsinki 6th of May!

In winter and spring of 2011-2012, biggest protest movement since times of the collapse of the Soviet Union gathered tens and thousands of people to streets of Russia. For a while, movement was tolerated by those in power. But 6th of May 2012, a day in prior to inauguration of Vladimir Putin, authorities moved to crush the movement.

During the year, it has become clear that court proceedings against those arrested 6th of May is the most central attempt to crush Russian opposition. Due to this, we invite everyone concerned about human rights situation in Russia to demonstrate in Helsinki 6th of May.

Demonstration will began with information stall at Three smiths statue 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM, march towards Russian embassy will leave from statue at 6 PM.

Demonstration is organised by Anarchist Black Cross of Helsinki and Free Pussy Riot Helsinki. In case your group or organisation wants to join organisers of the demonstration, please write to amr_hki <> anarkismi <d> net.


Additional information in Finnish:

In English:


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