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Statement of the Kharkiv Autonomous Workers Union members about creation of social and cultural center

Revolutional greeting to all solidary comrades of the world!

We are the workers of Ukraine and active members of the most massive and radical protests of the last decades continuing development of avtonomous class movement.

The antigovernmental uprising that begun last autumn outgrown into destructible massacre for the working class. Naturally, upper classes of Russia and Ukraine easilly imposed values of patriotism and interethnic hatred to the working masses.

At the same time, while social inequality maintaining the expirience of successful struggle against governmental and political system gives good chances to change the occuring social jolts into the real revolutional growth.

Realizing complexity of the situation we are making the choice in favor of strong and consistent struggle for constructing anarchistic (classless, self-governing) communism society.

In times when life of millions workers is getting worser because of chaos of war, we call up to follow by our own anarchist way of worker’s solidarity and mutual aid of all depressed groups.

Aid for the workers of Crimea and East Ukraine, who got into position of refugees and migrants because of political repressions and battle actions which captured many cities and residential areas, could be the first step in this direction.

In desire of helping to the refugees from Crimea and East Ukraine we’re – the members of Kharkiv AWU (Autonomous Workers’ Union), anarchists and antifaschists of Ukraine made the action of expropriation of abbandoned municipal placement. This placement will be redone into the social and cultural center for living, working and leisure of workers who suffered from consequences of interethnic war and other forms of social oppression.

Collectives of Kharkiv AWU and social and cultural center of Kharkiv.

War on the Palaces! Peace to the Cottages!

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