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    Peace to Ukraine, free Russian political prisoners!

    Vladimir Putin will visit Finland on friday 1th of July 2016. Conflict in Ukraine is still going on, in year 2016 only more than 600 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed and wounded in ceasefire violations. Both parts of the conflicts have been reluctant to fulfill their responsibilities under Minsk II treaty. Vladimir Putin admitted presence of Russian troops last December, and he is one of the persons directly involved in the continuation of the bloodshed, and bears personal responsibility for human rights violations in occupied Ukrainian territory.

    Praha: May Day – internationally against militarism

    Situation in our country starts to resemble the era of Cold war. US army organizes a military parade across east Europe, mainstream media hails propaganda of USA, high-ranking politician would gladly accept permanent presence of soldiers of United States. The similar slogans, that were used to celebrate USSR, now celebrate USA. The similar catchwords, that were used to defame US imperialism, defame now Russia. This is all because we are forced to accept alleged need of strengthening our army to defend against Russian threat.

    The End of Antifa?

    Despite the bleakness of the situation in Ukraine, at least I was amused by the fact that Nazis were fighting on both sides of the front, killing each other.

    But then I found out that some "anti-fascists" have been doing the same 1) 2) 3).

    I am sure that in terms of the entire former Soviet Union only a minority of the Antifas is willing to die for Poroshenko or Putin. However, the scale of this problem is significant, and any attempts to react to it 4) also have their shortcomings 5).

    Moscow Autonomous Action on the Ukrainian war

    This text was written as an answer to our foreign friends' questions about situation in the Eastern Ukraine and Russian anarchists' attitude towards that. We hope it will be of use to everybody interested in these matters.

    The situation is complex and controversial and you should understand that the text below does not (and can't) reflect the opinion of all Russian anti-fascists and anti-capitalists. We discussed this within our group, but even here we have a couple of contradicting points of view.

    Demonstration against war in Ukraine in Helsinki

    YYA (Ystävyys, Yhteistoiminta ja Avunanto -network) organized 8.9.2014 a demonstration opposing the war in Ukraine. The demonstration opposed Russia's invasion in Ukraine, the war in Ukraine and demanded end to the war crimes.

    Out of many human rights violations in the war, the demonstration emphasized the kidnappings of movie director Oleg Sentsov and antifascist Alexander Koltšenko, who were taken to Russia. The demonstrarion didn't support any army or state and opposed every kind of nationalism. About 70 people showed their solidarity by attending the demonstration.

    Russian troops out of Ukraine! Demonstration in Helsinki 8th of September

    Stop the war and human rights violations!

    Meeting on September 8 at the Kolme Seppää -statue at 6.00 PM from where we will walk to Russian embassy at Tehtaankatu.

    During July and August, more and more proof has emerged about the Russian involvement in the war in Ukraine, and on the 24th of August Russian troops crossed the Ukrainian border and and began the offensive towards Mariupol. More than 2000 people have already died in the war, and the Russian assault worsens things.

    Statement of the Kharkiv Autonomous Workers Union members about creation of social and cultural center

    Revolutional greeting to all solidary comrades of the world!

    We are the workers of Ukraine and active members of the most massive and radical protests of the last decades continuing development of avtonomous class movement.

    The antigovernmental uprising that begun last autumn outgrown into destructible massacre for the working class. Naturally, upper classes of Russia and Ukraine easilly imposed values of patriotism and interethnic hatred to the working masses.

    War against war! Statement of leftists and anarchists on the confrontation in Ukraine

    In the ongoing conflict, we support neither Ukrainian government nor pro-Russian factions that established their authority on the portion of Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts. The working class (i.e. everyone who has neither power nor capital) is equally alien both to the concept of ​​unitary Ukraine and to the ideas of ​​”federalization” or creation of new states — these are merely the games of politicians, drawing blood from ordinary people.

    Anarchism in the context of civil war

    On Friday, the 2nd of May, the House of Trade Unions in Odessa caught on fire. Altogether at least 42 people lost their lives during the clashes in the city, most of them in the fire and the others in streetfights. There is an excellent Russian language, eyewitness account of the events available .

    Anarchists from Petrozavodsk, Russia were kidnapped and seriously injured by unknown people in masks.

    Anarchists, organizers of demonstration "Against the war in Ukraine" in Petrozavodsk, Russia were kidnapped and seriously injured by unknown people in masks.


    On 9th of March, along with the traditional Food Not Bombs action, demonstration "Against the war in Ukraine" supposed to happen in Petrozavodsk, for a peaceful solution of tense situation there and prevention of bloodshed continuation.


    Write to Finnish anarchist total objector

    Anarchist total objector Topi Lauko began his prison sentence 18th of
    December in a low-security prison. He was transferred to a half-way house, maintained by Siltavalmennus NGO, in second half of February. Although in half-way house the conditions of detention are not harsh, he would still be happy to correspond with comrades around the world. He will be finally released 24th of April 2013.
    Topi Louko
    Vehnämyllynkatu 4
    33560 Tampere Finland

    The festival program against forced conscription "deserter Day-2011"

    program "Day of the deserter, 2011. February 19 12:00 - 13:00 Registration of participants. 13:00 Opening 13:15 - 15:45, "Why did I have served / not served in the Army." Seminar-diskussiya.Forma conduct. Those who wish to sit in a circle and share their impressions about how they "mowed" or "mowed down" from military service. Speak first comrades who have served in the armed forces. 15:50 - 17:00 Luncheon hosted by NWF activists.

    In Ukraine, in peacetime military deaths

    At the time of firing on ground targets, which were held on Friday, 17 September, on the Crimean ground "Opuk" exploded two artillery shells. The explosion occurred on board the amphibious assault ship "Kirovograd" Ukrainian Navy.

    As a result of the accident were seriously injured four members of the crew "Kirovohrad", they are taken to military hospitals in Sevastopol and Simferopol.

    In Ukraine's Prosecutor General's Office confirmed the explosion at the landing craft.

    default/files/store/sheep_49.jpg "alt =" "/>

    Defense intends to tighten the procedure of recruitment

    The Ministry of Defence is preparing another large-scale reform in the system of recruitment of the army. Amendments will be developed as early as September 1.
    For example, plans to increase the enlistment age to 30 years and reduce the number of universities, providing a respite for the students.

    Lance Corporal Joe Glenton, which opposes the war in Afghanistan, released!

    The soldier, who was jailed after refusing to return to Afghanistan on the grounds that he opposed the war, was released from military prison in Colchester Monday, July 12, 2010.
    Lance Corporal was jailed for nine months from March 2010 after he admitted that he had been 2 years and 6 days AWOL.

    For that to die in peacetime? In Moscow Picket against appeal

    Today, from 16:00 to 17:30 at the main military prosecutor's office anarchists and anti-militarist picket was organized against the draft. The picket was a reaction to the death of Omsk draftee Roman Suslov, who on May 22 was found hanged in a toilet train Moscow-Vladivostok.

    Author columns


    Near the sacred Mount Parnassus and the ruins of Delphi there is a small town of Levadia. Will of fate I was fortunate enough prove to be in this place and get acquainted with the local fan scene. As soon as you come here at once there a positive mood. Railway station painted with anti-fascist and...

    3 years ago
    Антти Раутиайнен

    In February, a critique of Moscow-based bands What We Feel(WWF) and Moscow Death Brigade(MDB) written by “Antifascist Subculture Worldwide”-collective appeared on the German website, Linksunten (in English). Both WWF, MDB (1) as well as 210 (2)  have since responded to the...

    3 years ago