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Sounds like the current Russian scene is in a type of confusion, like Yugoslavia was back during the 1990's, or Britan in 1960's. In Serbia there are still some guys that think racism is OK. In Belgrade, and southern parts of Serbia especially. Not so much in Vojovodina (northern part of Serbia), because there is around 25 nations living in this region, and beeing a Hungarian, Serbian, Slovakian nationalist leaves you quite isolated from the majority. But in the southern Serbia, where Serbs are 90% of population, it is usual to see nazis on hardcore and punk gigs, even when members of the band are not "arian".

On the other hand, MDB supported traditional anti-fa gig (this November the 9-th it will be 16-th manifestation in a row) in Novi Sad, Serbia, where some of the toughest anti-fa crew is organized in entire Balkans. So I am left a bit in wonder from reading your text about MDB, and personal conversation with the band (altought it was just for half an hour).

Just some info on the topic. Thanx.

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