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This article falsely portrays my own article and my (anti)politics more generally at several points, but most clearly when it cuts off the last half of this sentence:

"The Americas are not a sacrifice zone for the supposed greater good somewhere else, anymore than anywhere else in the world should be for here."

The anonymous article writer also doesn't indicate that they've edited my sentence, leaving only the first half about the Americas.

This seemingly serves their purpose of falsely attributing to me the position that I only care about Canada, when the actual sentence means the opposite. Anywhere else in the world, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti or other countries, should not be a sacrifice zone for Canada and the United States, just as the Indigenous territories of the Americas shouldn't have been a sacrifice zone for invading European empires (including Russia) and shouldn't remain as such for the Euro-American settler states who never left.

It should be ok for anarchists to disagree on certain points and positions. But this does not require lying about what those positions actually are.

By the way, I posted a link to and quote from the Autonomous Action statement Against Annexations and Imperial Aggression here:

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