A call to third international anti-fascist mixfight tournament “No surrender” to be organised in Moscow

Не сдавайся!

In October 2010 the Third International Mix fight Tournament "No surrender!" will take place among antifascists of Europe. The tournament, is organized, spearheaded by, and involving active antifascists from Eastern Europe. It traditionally gathers sportsmen and viewers from different cities and countries,
that have a clear antifascist approach to life.

The first and second "No Surrender!" tournaments were devoted to the memory of our comrades - Fyodor Filatov and Ivan Khutorskoy, who were killed in the struggle against neo-Nazis in Moscow. The third part of the tournament  will be dedicated to everybody, who still fights against Nazism, social injustice, repressions from the State. To everybody, who didn't yield under the pressure, that is in being actively opposed to ultra right wing extremists and the repressive state apparatus itself.

For many of us the freedom to express our antifascist position has became dangerous  to our health, life and freedom. Street fights between our like-minded peers and neo-Nazis become more violent, confrontations with far right extremists take place during political demonstrations and ecological pickets. This war is taking place not in order to take power on the streets, but in order to take part in social protest actions too.  Law enforcement agencies create special departments against "youth extremism", whose sole activity is to frame criminal cases against antifascists. Many of our comrades are put into prisons. Life dictates new violent terms for our fight.

Keeping present-day conditions in mind, we consider that martial arts should occupy an important place in the life of everyone who calls himself an antifascist. We also think that people who consider themselves part of the antifascist movement should be sober, disciplined, and ready for any type  of scenario and how to apply force on the streets. Sport should be a means to achieve our common aims. Nobody is will  to protect us except ourselves.


The tournament "No Surrender! -  3" is organized in order to further popularize the sport among antifascists, as propaganda for a healthy way of living and in order to strengthen the brotherhood between members of different cities. The tournament is dedicated to everyone, who still believes in our ideals and continues the struggle.

To take part in the tournament you should send a request to this e-mail: nesdavaisya3 ATT gmail DTT com. The rules of the tournament,exact dates,  invitation and venue of event will be sent later to the provided contact.



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