Direct Help: Chita antifascists in need of solidarity

On September, 12th, 2010 in Chita (Zabaikalskiy kray, Eastern Siberia) fight of local nazis with unknown persons has occurred, during fight nazis have received damages.

In the beginning of November agents of the Extremism department have spent searches in houses of FC Chita's fans, explaining it that nazis have written the application. Computers, football banners have been confiscated. But there is no application from nazies! This application, as well as statements of nazies, haven't been shown neither lawyers, nor suspects.

They try to characterize materials from computers – concert and training videos – as an extremist. Moreover the article Hooliganism (213 part 2, article 282 (Extremism) is made to guys too. Police motivates it by fight occurred with motives of ideological hatred.

One of the oppressed guys is an anarchic hip-hop musician. His recordings also can be interpreted as extremism (

A bit later in Extremism dept the application from one of other nazi-skinheads has come in. He write that he was beaten under other circumstances. This statement is fiction – it's authentically known that he has written this application in accordance with instructions of his older friends and probably Extremism dept, and it wasn't any beating.

On November, 14th friends and not indifferent to a problem of a police terror marched through the Pure Ponds street in Moscow to support the companions from Chita. They marched with a banner "No to the police lawlessness".( )

The guys need money for lawyers!

Яндекс Кошелек 41001168411043

CБЕРБАНК 67619600 0086154094

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