6 days for the "wrong" thoughts

Sept. 24 officers law enforcement bodies have detained me on suspicion of assault on ITT Akrestin. After three days I was again perearestovali, not letting go even beyond the walls of prison. At this time, were indicted for an attack on the House of Trade Unions. Both of these cases were instituted without any direct evidence. In both protocols, the detention was said that I had been detained "on direct suspicion." As I understand from the conduct of investigators - such as the immediate suspicion may arise in respect of any citizen of our country. Today take the anarchists, tomorrow they may pick up and drop you. Everything began on September 7, when the operator from the central police station, with the support of a KGB officer burst into the 7 am to my apartment and made a search. Confiscated valiant heroes invisible front 2 computer (you will laugh, but one of these computers one summer morning, found near the entrance, where there usually is rubbish, well, soul geek could not stand to iron someone threw out ... but I have not got to what it was: there was no time, no desire), several simok from different countries, two antediluvian phone, but still very scared of bookmarks which sported a in a circle.Danger! May explode! Heh-heh-heh, probably at the site engineers subsequently studied. At this time I was not at home and come back until I was going. His head was still hope that the authorities gone mad and will be restrained. But it seems "hidden meaning is to blame" the only play they had in mind. As a result, a "conversation" one mother called the KGB and became interested in my personality.It happened on September 17. 18 Number of sitting in the apartment where the seventh conducted a search, I am already hard vyzvanival KGB officers for that same conversation, for which they were searching for me. But it was Saturday, but this time the family barbecue, and perhaps even then ... Well, I vyzvanival them all weekend to no avail, and then I just got tired. So in the end that the intelligence services, which even at home I can not find. Later went to work and quietly worked himself up to September 24 - the day was detained Alain Dubovik, Alexander and Anya Erashevicha Chernyshev.In general, thought that the prospect of a call at seven o'clock I absolutely do not like it, I decided to make another attempt will call KGBshnikami once more. Tada - responded and invited for an interview. I can not fool a fool, but from the very beginning asked the person on the other side of the tube on whether or not I was close. After promises not to delay, and just talk for an hour, I went packed his bags to go to ITT (toothbrush, socks, sweater, water, books) and I went to Cheka. Well, here began the most interesting.I have no hesitancy that they are interested in the attack on the Russian embassy. Panic or worry I was not going to - in an attack on the embassy, I was at the train station. Of course on their part had offers to prove it, but turns a surveillance camera as evidence for them is not suitable in this case. Several employees are not logged antiterrorist department of the KGB tried hard to prove to me that the cameras are actually installed to traffic cop it easier to rake traffic violations.Absolutely no matter what the camera inside the building. The logic they use are not afraid. Throughout the interrogation officers sometimes nutty, sometimes discreetly tried to keep the conversation going. For the most part it all comes down "you'd been there and we know it." Once even mentioned something about a confrontation, but the threat was the end. All were promised that would be released. But we know from history that the KGB was not to be trusted. After a half-hour conversation, which resulted in three security officer interrogated me exhausted, I was sent to the OCD.To the question "in this connection" answered that I smile too much and finally can audacious one. " Came to OCD - the guys there already less tactful and immediately started screaming that they know everything. I've always been interested in this approach ... so if you know everything, so what I have in front of you is sitting here? In OCD again "conversation" by a protocol with the same issues as in the KGB. Opers tormented for a long time and yet they had split - was told that I have them as a witness and if the testimony that I give, they would not like, it will be for a day. Well approach is understandable, and at that time as a KGB sent me in OCD, I realized that at least the third sleep for days on Akrestin.The conversation at times was quite loud and look at what is happening going to the opera from neighboring rooms. At some point, the situation is so tense that even promised to throw out the window, and then let him look. " Here at once I remembered what brought me to the OCD by crossing through the parking lot. Seeing that the threat of the same does not help, invited Opera cage. I very well remember him, "Well that sadim of lawlessness?".For all the time in OCD, no operas did not mention. Only solid Petit and Vasey, in which neither the names nor the father's name. At the official car in the Moscow police department and the continuation of the circus. There, the investigator did not know that I'm coming. Went to the chief of the police department to ask permission to me to close the detention center for assault on September 6. That certainly does not rock the boat, because the order came from the KGB - so I said negligently later already Akrestin inquirer, when he came to sign papers to release. In the police department finally formalized my detention and interrogation conducted at which they are more interested in is not where I was and what he did during the attack on Akrestin, and then, with whom I am familiar, where he met and how much cost the chocolate I ate twenty-fourth September 2007.In general absurdity struck over the edge. Carry with papers for about 4 hours and finally I began to sleep. But it turned out that the convoy, which should lead me to the IVS, no things do not take it. That is all that I took initially, preparing for the trip, will remain in the police department. It is sad, but nothing helped. Thrown into avtozek and taken to the detention center. ITT pretty strange place.Before we get there I read all the rules , but most of them are not respected. For example one you can not lead a walk, because ITT does not have enough staff to carry on. List of things available for the transfer is not similar to the one that should be. Get a pen and paper - something out of science fiction section. Just guards not much care what is in containers that are delivered to you - all that I was told it was sealed. It's funny that a body search conducted lad of twenty-five, who lives with me in the same house.Initially, he did not recognize me and behaved rudely. Bark, and here and there and talking like he could not, but how do you address, so just calm down. Probably became ashamed. The camera was brought after the retreat. This is the camera and became my home for six days. Despite the fact that every day in prison are peculiar mix (of people transferred from one cell to another), no one touched me to the end of detention. The cell has a toilet, faucet with hot and cold water, bunks, a bench, table and side tables."Numbers" are from two to six seats. In addition to the above listed, in each cell is ... a camera that monitors your every step. Made it all in order to prevent various accidents. Fed in prison 3 times a day: , At 8:00 am Breakfast: porridge At 16:00, lunch: soup and porridge with a chop. , At 18:00 Dinner: Porridge At 6:00 issued a mug of tea and a slice of bread. After that, something bearable drinking can not be obtained. In the tap is flowing heavily chlorinated water - after several days of her problems begin with the stomach of even the most hardened convicts. Contrary to all rules were thrown into the camera all in a row: in six days, I had to sit with a suspect in the murder, rape, armed robbery.Most people sit there because of problems with alcohol - drinking and vytvoril some crap like stolen cell phone or laptop. You can also learn about methods of crime detection by our valiant bodies: one time in the chamber sat a drug addict, who had promised for release on own recognizance taken the 15 episodes of petty theft.They had a great play on the fact that these people break, and for kicks they are willing to take on anything. After three days everything is standard. No miracles are not expected. An investigator from the Moscow released on bail, and ten minutes later an investigator from the Central already makes out of paper on the detention of an attack on the House of Trade Unions. Police department is different, but the questions are the same. 2 hours and back to his cell for 72 hours. Per stay at the detention center, but now this reissue on the day, nobody came to interrogate me no. That happened a simple punitive detention without any reason.In OCD Opera is very proud of themselves - are repeatedly told that they are punitive body and beat their breasts. A few words about the hunger strike: If you got it back and choose a muddy - just call me Chief ITT or prison, as a mere mortal trash not care about your quirks. Officially, the papers I'm not hungry and received rations (which gave successful cell-mates), and after the first three days of my interrogator asked why I decided not to starve. These are the pies, as a result after making the second of 3 days of hunger strike and refused on these nights have already fed normally. What else to add? As a result, that's turned out that detention for 6 days just because I care about social issues. Punish now not only acts but also for the thoughts. Well, in truth, no differences between modern law enforcement agencies and the medieval Inquisition, I do not see ... but to not burn at the stake now, but it's really quite barbaric would look. Igor T. 1: A Conversation - a concept in: / / Www.levonevsky.org/documentz/upk012007.htm "> Code of Criminal Procedure does not exist and you are entitled to refuse it as you do not send the agenda and will not give personally. (Source: https: / / belarus.indymedia.org/21276 )

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