The anarchists took over the embassy of Belarus in Saint Petersburg

солидарность с белорусскими анархистами

Today, 29 September 2010, at noon, a group of activists of the anarchist movement came to St. Petersburg in the Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus (str Bonch-Bruevich 3A) to demand the release of Belarusian colleagues who were arrested last month. After the announcement of their demands, the activists refused to leave the embassy and announced his occupation - up until their demands are not met. The wave of repression against anarchists and other social activists in Belarus began after August 30 in the territory of the Russian Embassy in Minsk has been thrown a Molotov cocktail, which is slightly damaged one of the cars of the embassy.Responsibility for this attack has taken the previously unknown anarchist group "Friends of Liberty," arguing that the rally was held in solidarity with the defenders of Khimki forest.

Power without hesitation began rounding up of anarchists - September 3, had been arrested seven people, then three more. All of them are suspected in a large number of different offenses (arson doors of the bank, the attack on the building of the Federation of Trade Unions, the burning of the ATM) - this indicates that the investigation is at an impasse and can not push backed give us something to blame.That's why most of the detainees were released after 9 days of arrest. In Minsk, Gomel, Grodno, Brest, Salihorsk were dozens if not hundreds of searches and interrogations of anarchists, anti-fascists, and even just people who communicate with them, particularly journalists. Obviously, the eve of the presidential "elections on Dec. 19, 2010, the authorities really want to tighten the nuts and compete with the" extremists "and other dissenters.By a strange coincidence, the hunt for activists began the same day, when Oleg Bebenin, editor of the opposition news website "Charter-97, was found dead. Rallies in support of the detainees have been held in Berlin, Vienna, Vilnius and Moscow. To date, remain in detention three people: Nicholas Dzyadok - arrested on 3 September, is in jail in Minsk. No charges are filed, a suspect in the case of a rally near the General Staff, 19 September 2009 (against Russian-Belarusian military exercise "West 2009").The "authorities" there is no evidence against Nicholas, and they're trying to get them by any means. Alexander Frantskevich - arrested on 3 September, is in jail in Minsk. Charged with assault on a police station in Soligorsk. In Alexander's failing health (he has one kidney), of being in jail, it could get worse. Igor Truhanovich - detained September 24, is located in the IVS in Minsk, the prosecution is brought. Igor went on hunger strike in protest against the detention. We demand the immediate release of Dedkov Nicholas, Alexandra and Igor Frantskevych Truhanovicha and disarming them of all charges.For our solidarity there is no national borders. Authoritarian regime under the guise of democracy, the elections without choice, chaos cops and intelligence agencies - all of this is familiar to people in both Russia and Belarus. Fortunately, there are people everywhere who are resisting oppression and lies. For resistance to manipulations of the authorities and "elections" Lukashenko! No to political repression! St. Petersburg group of anarchists contact phone - +7 952 3989457

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