"Belgrade 6" is justified!

"Belgrade Six were acquitted today. The Court recognized the impossibility to prove their involvement in crime attributable to them.

Message Ratibor Trivuntsa: "Dear comrades! I write briefly. Today, the court found us not guilty to the charges filed by the prosecutor. Prior to that, the prosecutor already had to change the charges against "international terrorism" to "commit generally dangerous action. Now all the charges against us dropped.The presiding judge briefly explained that the decision "based on law, not politics" (which serves as an indirect admission that the whole process from the outset was politically motivated and not based on facts), and that there is no evidence that we have participated in "aiding and abetting" (comrade Taddei and I) and "generally dangerous action" (comrade Sanya and comrades, Ivan S., Nicola and Ivan V.).

The prosecutor has 8 days to appeal the decision, but judging by the reaction of the public and the media reaction to speakerphone solution, we do not expect that a higher court rejected the verdict.Now our efforts are aimed at the removal of the comrades of the organization in the ASI Vrshache accusations of "Obstruction of Justice" in connection with the fact that they raised a banner "to release the arrested anarchists", and the return of Croatian passport anarcho-syndicalist someone is detained in Serbia for 4 months . Horovatsky friend put on trial with the same charges as against the comrades from Vrshacha - for having carried the paper with the word "Anarchism - not terrorism" in the courtroom during the first public hearing on February 17, when we were released from pretrial detention after nearly 6 months in the harshest conditions. The report on Serb television Message biggest liberal media company B92 LAN Port News Thank you all for your support.We could not win without the tremendous support and active solidarity of comrades set of Serbia and the world. Fireworks and Anarchy!

Rata "

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