In Brazil, the Indians seized under construction GES

Builders HPP Dardanelush "(Dardanelos) River Aripuana in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso, where the Indians held hostage, freed.

First Freedom received about a hundred workers, and later - five people from among the management personnel station under construction. The Indians agreed to unblock the construction site after the agreed meeting with local authorities.

Indians seek to recover damages from the construction. As it turned out after the approval of the project, part of the station will be on the territory of the ancient cemetery, which hurt the feelings of the Indians.In addition, they said, the construction of hydroelectric significantly affected their lifestyles, and the protest - an attempt to find a solution.

As previously reported, in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso, approximately 300 Indians from various tribes took hostage about 100 workers employed in the construction of HPP "Dardanelush" (Dardanelos) on the River Aripuana.

The Indians, inflicting war paint, protest against the construction of hydropower plants on land they consider sacred.The protestors surrounded the area of construction and require compensation for the desecration of the shrine. At the same time the Indians did not require money, and approval by the authorities of the program of rehabilitation of affected land.

Protest continues in the evening on July 25, and still the Indians did not use violence. However, if the demands are not boule be done in two days, the protesters threatened to set fire to the building site.

Construction Managers argue that HES is being built 42 km from the nearest Indian settlement. Information on the causes of & quot; sanctity "of this land the builders did not have.


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