Support Vladimir Zolotarev who opposed the war in Ukraine

On June 4, Vladimir Zolotarev set fire to the National guard entrance in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Next day he was detained. In March, several canisters of fuel were found in his car, but he was not charged at the time. Now, Zolotarev is charged with "violence against a representative of authority" and "attempting to commit an act of terrorism."

Vladimir reported that his act was a performance to protest Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Vladimir is interested in social anthropology and feminism, is against animal cruelty, and likes to read fiction. Recently he had an opportunity to read Kir Bulychev, but in general the libraries in the pre-trial detention facility are very scarce. He is determined to prove his innocence on the article on preparation for a terrorist act.

The human rights activists of the project "Zone of Solidarity" found lawyer to provide Zolotarev with legal defense. It is necessary to collect 150 thousand rubles, and also money are needed to pay for monthly food parcels. Vladimir has no support from relatives and friends at the moment.

Zolotarev would be very happy to correspond with people. He was in complete isolation until his lawyer visited him in August of this year. Address for letters (Must be written in Russian!): 680038, Khabarovsk region, Khabarovsk, Znamenshchikov Street, 6, FKU SIZO-1 UFSIN of Russia for Khabarovsk region, Zolotarev Vladimir Georgievich, born in 1972. You can also write to Vladimir through the .

Sberbank card: 5469 3801 3292 3169, Anastasia T.
Via PayPal ABC-Moscow:
(specify "for Zolotarev" in the message, choose currency Euro)

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