Congratulations on the Russian nation in STDs

Fascists, Nazis, patriots, Eurasians, the neoconservatives and the supporters of civil servants!
Art-Group "Affinity" group "attic and friends" and anarchists Petersburg congratulate you all on the Day of the Russian nation! For the professional holiday which is celebrated on November 4, we prepared the perfect gift. In the most lively place of St. Petersburg, over the roofs of Nevsky Prospekt, broke a six-meter large graffiti that reveals the secret of your home.

The white-black-gold background (which has been specially selected in order to abominably desecrate your radiant banner), we wrote that all of you hard hiding from themselves, from relatives and from all the people in general.What you are unsuccessfully trying to oust from his consciousness, something that relentlessly torture and will punish you all my life, that eternal obstacle stands in your way to the superhuman project.

We wrote just four words - "The Nazis shavermu eat secretly." You hide it, but now knows it all. You seemed formidable and determined, and now everyone can see how you lied. You as a cowardly lemurs, shaking at the thought that someone finds out and now all over you laugh.
We've seen it all.When we got down from the roof, passers-by thanking us. Tourists stopped to take a picture. A few immigrants, seeing that your secret is disclosed, began joyfully to point fingers and call your friends. After all, who, if not immigrants, holding stalls with shavermoy, to know what is always shaking your sticky fingers smeared with greasy sauce.

The whole town is laughing at you this evening! The next day, graffiti has been painted over, - not otherwise, someone from your not stand the shame and stukanul in utilities (you always knock). Well, that means our work is so cut eyes, that they are constantly, as soon as possible, eliminated. But the truth about you now know everything.
Happy Russian nation Pupsik!

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