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I know very little about the anti-fascist movement, except, of course, the facts that there is no movement of one of the official leader, that there are comprised of people of different political and philosophical views that the movement uses different methods of dealing with "fascism", including through direct clashes with the "fascists". I have a familiar anti-fascists from St. Petersburg. Some of them, 4 November 2009 by a small group went against the Russian march with a banner "Nationalism in the trash." They are heroes. And make me the warmest feelings.

A friend of mine drew my attention to this ( ) note on the site Authorship could not be established.Apparently, the editors of the site for some special codes recognize "their" authors and publish their opus. The note titled "Breaking Stereotypes" is a response to questions that are "very concerned about the modern right-wing propagandists."

At the outset the author warns that "text presented below reflect the views of some of the people involved in the antifascist movement."One of two things: either this "some of the people" are the ones unnamed leaders of the antifascist movement (only in this case, the facts refute the rumors and speculation can have a weight and break down stereotypes about the entire movement) or the author just decided to practice zametochnom genre, to write , so to speak, his "IMHO of sore." I'm leaning more to the second variant, vchityvayas the paragraph about dear to my heart of sexual minorities.

In it the author of "break stereotypes" that anti-fascists to protect sexual minorities.

At the very beginning given the deputy-clerical tone of the narration: "The issue of sexual minorities is still one sick theme for our rather conservative society."The tone of "deputy", because it is almost a verbatim quotation of St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly deputy from the LDPR. Well, because it is so state officials said, refusing to agree on the gay rally.

Touching the author attempts to break stereotypes about gays, first manifested in the arguments about gay gene, immediately mrachneyut when he starts talking about the "problem" phenomenon in the gay community - the gay parade.Here truly the indicator issue for liberals, Democrats, leftists, humanists and anti-fascists ... well, at least for "some of the people involved in the antifascist movement."

And somehow it still leveled perfectly correct (although somewhat frightening in its formulation in the first part of) the author's conclusion that the time was "impossible to eradicate this phenomenon [homosexuality], if he laid down at the genetic level.The most rational way out - to ensure equal rights of gays. "

The author does not stand the test of gay parade. Fumbles (instead of parliamentary moves to the Orthodox vocabulary, mixed with care, as well as the pro-Kremlin-Molodogvardejsk), throws out their sexual fantasies, saying: "... Now they [the gay parade] remind us of some very nasty sodomy festivals, cultivating a phenomenon of promiscuity ties.

Truly, sometimes it is difficult to see the difference between the F and anti-fascists.Masked men with a banner "Sodomy - it's a sin" obkidali eggs parties gay rally on Nov. 20, 2010. Talk about the gay parade as a "celebration of sodomy," is like talking about the anti-fascist actions as acts of vandalism and violence, but about anti-fascist, as infantile youth or adolescents from disadvantaged families, which nourish their complexes, "playing voynushki and under cover of night to the detriment of public property.

It seems to me that such "IMHO about sore" discredit the participants themselves anti-fascist movement, many of which are quite alien to the enlightened and prejudice people.Yes, indeed, manifestations of latent xenophobia and latent discrimination have no place on our streets. No need to make their facilities and their limitations on himself / herself. Otherwise you are fine playing into the hands of modern-wing propagandists.

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