Detainees in the case of serial murders in Irkutsk were neo-Nazis

Evening of April 5 were detained two suspects in a series of murders and attacks on residents of the city of Irkutsk (near Akademgorodok): Artem Anoufriev born October 4, 1992, medical student University and Nikita Lytkin, born March 24, 1993 The point is cluttered political details. Study and compare the sources from the Internet, we can conclude that the detained young people to be open Nazi views and identify themselves to the flow of "Nazi skinheads".Referring to its own law enforcement source of the Irkutsk region, these data confirmed the news agency "Taiga-Info:" They call themselves skinheads, but vAkademgorodke, to our knowledge, they alone are. I think there clearly needs psychiatric examination "( ). What else can you explain the placement of information about this case on the neo-Nazi web sites? Why political portals to write about a simple criminal act? The answer became even more apparent when it emerged that Artem Anoufriev was at Russian march 2010in Irkutsk. According to information available on general photographs nationalists portrayed it was he. At the other photos from the Russian March 2010, he depicts in a gauze bandage with a signature «Peoplehater» (in the lane. From English. - Misanthrope). According to reports, Anufriyev talked with some of Irkutsk nationalists and moderate group NS / WP in the social network Vkontakte (currently the group is blocked). In photos and avatars second detainee, Lytkina, you can see neo-Nazi symbols - the swastika and the Celtic cross, which suggests sympathetic to radical nationalism. Can not be ignored that the two detainees are under the influence of NS / WP.NS / WP - this community is the most frostbitten nationalists advocating unmotivated violence and killing everyone, regardless of nationality, race, killing for killing.A similar case occurred in St. Petersburg by a gang of thugs group NS / WP, which also killed everyone, including the homeless, and dismembered his friend and were preparing terrorist attacks. On their forum has already appeared and discussed the news about the business of Irkutsk followers misanthropic ideas ( ). Also Artem Anoufriev was moderator of a group called "We are gods, we decide whom to live and who will die in the social network Vkontakte.Now it's called "Help Artem Anufriev" . Most of the participants position themselves as "right" (that is, as neo-Nazis and radical nationalists). Now the participants of this online community are trying to help his "comrade", including possible financial support. In this photo shows a young man (Artem Anoufriev) tried to emulate the clothing fashion "Nazi skinheads". These facts reveal an obvious link young people with a neo-Nazi ideology, which is based on promoting the superiority of one people over another, including through the use of the latest physical violence.Hard to argue that it is ultra ideology pushed young people to commit such acts, but I'm sure she can justify any heinous crimes. History shows more than once. <p> Yegor Uvarov, freelance journalist, anti-fascist Source:

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