FRENCH not surrender

France continues to mobilize against the pension reform. October 12, demonstrations left more than three and a half million people. In many industries and many companies declared a strike. September 13, many companies continue to strike. The country has virtually paralyzed rail (railroad strike), also have problems with the fuel at gas stations (oil refinery workers on strike).

The site of the strike movement:

It is noteworthy that for the first time in a long time, young people - high school students, as well as in some cities - the students hit the streets October 12 to support the protest of the working population.Widespread movement is visible on an interactive map of blocked or
involved in the mobilization of high schools in France:

In many French cities were occupied by the city hall or prefecture.For example, in the usually quiet town of Montelimar (Drôme department), more than a hundred manifesto attacked the town hall and entering the mayor's office, arranged in it the defeat and thrown out of windows
furniture and documents.

In some cities, not without its clashes with the police - there is information about the seriously wounded. For example, in the city of Caen (Normandy), there was a serious clash between the police and manifestos during a rally in front of offices of the Movement of French Business Medef (the union of the big capitalists of France, ca.TRANSFER.). As a result, several
people received serious injuries, including one - a skull fracture.
Police used tear gas hard.

It is also interesting that many enterprises are cash Mutual Financial. Those workers who can not, for whatever reason, go on strike - to help the strikers financially. There are attempts to create common Benevolent Fund, not only at the level of individual enterprises or sectors, but also on local and national level. So, strike one of the petroleum sector companies are turning to the people of his commune, and all residents of France to call for financial assistance during the strike - are spreading
leaflets and messages over the Internet (see above site of the strike movement).The idea - common efforts to block the most sensitive sectors of the economy.

After the demonstration on October 12, in many settlements were organized general meeting, open to all people - both working and unemployed. Various activities are planned and discussions on further days of strike.

In general, the observed unification of certain requirements, the radicalization of the movement in some regions.All yavney is the gap between core members of the trade union movement and its control top.

It seems the French are not going to give up!

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