Insatiable throat of the church. The scene - Kaliningrad

November 15 Kaliningrad intellectuals appealed to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev with a request to suspend the transfer of Kirch ROC. An open letter signed by about 50 people.

The whole point is that in Kaliningrad regional government has offered, and the deputies supported the transfer of the ROC of 15 objects of cultural patrimony of the people, including the Catholic and Lutheran churches, castles medal. Memorial Museum Kristijonas Donelaitis regional government also intends to transfer the church. Concern about the fate of this monument is expressed and the Lithuanian authorities.The fact that the museum no relation to the Orthodox Church certainly does not have - a former Lutheran church. Greed Hypocrites once again striking.

This event led to similar performances in a number of other Russian cities. Protest rallies were held in Moscow, Voronezh, Ryazan, and Chelyabinsk. In Moscow, protesters expressed solidarity with the community of Kaliningrad, which is fighting against the transfer of the ROC former Protestant churches and feudal castles.In the Kaliningrad protest banned. Coordinator of the campaign said that calls the power "to modify the law, which were not taken into account the comments of experts."

As seen in the protest against such leave is usually anti-clerical intellectuals and museum workers, who still believe in righteousness ... but very rarely an anarchist and left the young.

Meanwhile, the protesters called for the regional government and the Kaliningrad diocese to abandon the "privatization of objects of cultural heritage."The protesters gathered signatures for several hits, among which there is demand to deprive of the patriarch Cyril title "Honorary citizen of the Kaliningrad region." Probably a question for them is not essentially consist in the fact that it was decided to privatize the ROC's cultural heritage, but it is hard not to notice that these episodes appear more and more not only in Russia but throughout the former Soviet Union - where everywhere can reach the Orthodox Church.

Some experts believe that the protests did not stop a church restitution. Mol protest against the transfer of the church previously took away her property will not change radically the situation although they can strongly influence public opinion.As a result of such protests are usually created by special commissions, the movement that dismantled the legality of certain specific cases of transmission of cultural monuments of the church, and not set themselves the task of radical change in the overall situation. You can not disagree - such final in all (with very few exceptions) obscheobschestvennyh legal motions with only defensive tasks.

PS: Nice course to watch when the priests and patriots sobachatsya, that's just whether this will lead to the disappearance of both.Or, as in the old "good" adage - "Lovely armor - only amuse?

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