Interview with girl ultras "Spartak Nalchik"

Team Spartak Nalchik has never been a serious financial support like Anji Makhachkala, but his mark in the history of football in the Caucasus it postponed. We hope that the trend created in these years, will continue to evolve in Nalchik. At the very least, any precedent antifascist ultras in the former USSR and, especially, in Russia deserves a detailed review.

- How long you support Spartak?

- Consciously support Spartak for four years now, I remember participating in the Russian Premier League, but at that time I almost did not go to matches. Almost always watched on TV, sometimes I took with them to matches uncles and brothers. Attending the game began a year ago, after learned that the we have a fan group. For me it was a surprise, especially when I learned that some of them are even anti-fascists. Communicate with them on social networks, they invited me to a match, since it was involved, I realized that it was mine.

- How did you come to the anti-fascist beliefs? It happened before you came to football?

- Yes, I started paying attention to this long before interest in football. It all started when I decided to get to know more about skinheads. I do not know why me this came in the head. Initially, it was generally believed that they are racists, Nazis and Fascists (by the way, in the Caucasus, many still think so).  Was pleasantly surprised when I learned that besides the famous right branch there are left. When I started to get deeper into the left branch, my attention was attracted by SHARP, I watched a lot of movies, read a lot of books, which provided details about their culture and understand what it's all very close to me. I think that we, Caucasians, have attitude to this, because representatives of our people not by hearsay know about the White power skinhead and what harm they can inflict. For me it is not a political movement, but something private, we can say one of the vital principles.

- Do you have problems in the fan movement because that girl?

- Initially, of course, experienced. Many of our men believe that the girls in the stands did not place, they think we come back to find a guy. In the eyes of these men she automatically becomes a "prostitute". It as to ordinary fans. But in the fan movement all a little different: most responded positively to my presence, it's nice to see the girls in their group who understand football. There are those who are in a very rude manner told me that I have no place in the stands. At the moment, I almost do not hear these words in his address, all got used to me and realized who I was.

- As a fan movement in your opinion would react to the appearance of the female hooliganism?

- I think very negatively. Still, our society is very patriarchal. Although in relation to Caucasian men, if they were beaten, they can not strike back because I did not used to seeing such girls here. For them, it's something out of the ordinary).

- No, I mean women's groups fight each other.

- Such amount we have not typed to the group to a group attack, and not a lot of girls who would agree. And most likely also will laugh)

- A lot of girls among fans of Spartak?

- Not really, I personally know in the best case 10-15 girls. In the stands appear are only a few of them, since all study or work in other cities.

.- You're in all the matches of the club go? Help to make a performance to match?

- Not one to miss. In the fan movement belong) At away matches traveled several times until only the Caucasus. Of course it helps.


.- In what city you traveled?

- Osetia - Vladikavkaz, Ingushetia - Nazran.

- How do you organize away matches and how many people traveled to other cities?

- Typically, information about the upcoming trip is laid out in groups in social networks. There are marked those who are going to go, and in accordance with the number of transport be ordered for the trip. The number is always different. For example, in early autumn for the match with Ingushetia we went to the one bus, but in the late autumn in Ossetia for the match against Alania Vladikavkaz already ridden 3-4  the minibus. The Caucasus derby travels people more than in other regions. In far city usually go guys from the group "Moscow Djigits", the others, unfortunately, there is no possibility and it's very expensive.

- In Moscow, it means you have a fan club. And in other cities have fans?

- Of course there is, in many Russian cities.

- To you come right fans at away matches?

- Sure, come. It is not often and not so much, but it happens. The last came right fans "Rotor" Volgograd, saw them. Before the match they wanted to "talk" with us.

- That is, in Nalchik, in principle, travel to away games? The Nazis want to boycott away matches in the Caucasus.

- They go. But in a small amount. Man 5-10. Afraid I suppose)

- You are being attacked on away matches outside the Caucasus?

- Attacking, we do not like in many places. For example, in Rostov in our fans threw stones and in Saransk chased around the city.

- Can the details?

- That's what says participant in the events.

"As for the attacks: there were a few incidents are not as serious to remember them. At times in the Premier League we are very actively traveled around the country, I will say more - our visiting sector in most cases was much larger than most of the sectors clubs in the league. So, in every city we have seen some action of our opponents: always very funny as a casual  kids-scouts went somewhere nearby, some groups roamed nearby. Not openly attacked, we have never made excessive secrecy, always and everywhere openly wore the colors of the club. It's not scary. All threats to us only threat. Illustrate the two cases.  First, Perm, 2010. We arrived 10 people "Moscow Djigits" for three days, rent an apartment, walk around the city in the club attributes, take pictures, everything is fine. After the match came guys, athletes, the amount is not less than us (obviously the Nazis, later found out), go get acquainted with them, ask about everything, one of them I have asked the club badge, generally a fan of fan friend and brother, full of positive. We say goodbye, they go ahead, 50-100 meters of waste and start shouting what we are bad zoophiles.

Second case: the same year 2010 it seems. Play with Spartak Moscow. After the game, go to their company to the bar to sit to drink beer. Sit sing something at the bar bunch of Meat (nickname fans Spartak Moscow). They are there, too, something sing, we all shout "we are all red and white", all the cool, we are all brothers, to fuck horses (nickname fans Cska Moscow) and Zenith. In general, all good: sitting, walking, dispersed. The next day I read on the Internet, "we went to the bar, sits crowd «sheep fuckers» (insulting nickname Caucasians in Russian), we shouted about Russia, they were frightened, to shut up and ran away".

And dozens more such interesting stories.

- Tell us about the situation in the Russian football in general. Why is the aggression against fans from the Caucasus?

- Nationalist sentiment in the country are growing and gaining momentum, now it can be said to mainstream. All problems are accustomed accuse the Caucasians and Jews. Causes of aggression towards Caucasians quite a lot, and, unfortunately, the problem goes far beyond football. A huge wave of immigration of our people in the big cities of Russia in the period of unemployment, terrorist attacks across Russia, a different mentality, a different religion - the reasons are many. Our people do not always behave in the best way. Since childhood, Russians teach that Caucasians are bad, that they should be expel and exterminate. People need to somehow express their aggression, especially the youth. So gather in groups, united by a common ideology and has been going on together "hate Caucasians" by any means possible: Nazi propaganda at rallies, on football, music scene and so on. If there is no full-scale struggle against manifestations of Nazism and fascism in Russia, this problem is not eradicable. Do not want to mention this, but even in the Caucasus already have fans who hold right-wing views.

Among fans of Nazism is very popular and strongly pronounced. Every third, if not the second club has the right to fan movement. At away games attack us, shouting insulting slogans. Even It happens that come here for the matches and shouting nonsense like "Soon Nalchik become white", "Football for Russian," etc.

- Many say about the Caucasian nationalism. Is there something similar in Kabardino-Balkaria?

- There are individuals who hold nationalist views, but a separate group organized on the sector is not, and never will be. We just do not allow it.

- And no religious intolerance?

- No. Issues of religion never discussed nor in our sector, nor on away matches.

- Do you have problems with the police in the stadiums?

- Oh, there is generally a separate topic! They fiercely hate us. At any moment can to find fault with to something. Do not give a hang banners, flags taken away. By the way, the summer was the incident with them. The match to Alanya, we decided to use a smoke bomb, and then they just broke into the sector and all beat, even girls. Half of the guys were arrested, the other half driven out and did not give back to the sector.

- Political banners are also prohibited?

- Yeah, basically. For example, a banner with Subcomandante Marcos has always taken away.

- Tell us a bit about Nalchik. What sights do you have?

- Sights much. Especially lakes and waterfalls have the most popular places for tourists. Atazhukinsky Park is one of the biggest parks in Russia. Elbrus - is itself, the mountain is the best it can be. There are hot springs. In general, the beauty of the city - that's the beauty of local nature. As for the rest - a complete backwoods. No places for entertainment, after 10pm city just dying.

- Ultras movement of the club has long to be born? What are your fans' group?

- That's just a few days ago celebrated the 15th anniversary of the movement "Red-White Djigits". He is the first organized fan group of our club. In addition it now has two groups - "Rebels" and "Southern Eagles", which were earlier one group, but for some reason dispersed. There is still a group of "Spanch Ledis", which consist of only girls, but, unfortunately, it is not particularly functional. And of course the aforementioned travel group "Moscow Djigits".

- You belong to the fan groups?

- I myself I can not be attributed to any groups. Was till now in the "Rebels", but due to personal conflicts with the leader is gone.

- How do you get money for the fan club and stuff?

- Money is always going to themselves, all the participants who how many can give. Nobody stays away.

- Do you have a friendly relationship with other clubs?

- Of course, about the Caucasian teams not even worth talking - very strong friendship. It happens that we go on to support their matches, invite them to visit us. What concerns other clubs - I do not have a special connection, but the guys, as far as I know, a lot of close friends in different clubs. Most our guys have developed personal relationships with Khimki, Saturn and Zenit.

- Be friends with some people there? Fan movement at the club is ultra-right

- Of course, with the individual. With the whole movement, we almost with anybody did not friends.

- What about the Turkish Besiktas? Saw you on the tribune banner Carsi.

- The Turks are always with us, even for away matches go in the Caucasus) More Syrians. They come to our town and go to the university to study Russian.

- How many people now goes to matches? Decreased attendance after relegation from the Premier League?

- Very much diminished. Generally, the attendance mainly depends on the weather. If rain, snow and frost - somewhere 500-700 people typed in the stands, in good weather 2-3 thousand. Although the rain was this season play-offs with the "Krylia Sovetov Samara" for access to the Premier League, while in the stands was attended by about 13,000 people.

- What football traditions have in your club?

- The most important tradition at us - it's the fans visiting training our players to more serious matches. Trying to support them and cheer up.

There is still a tradition to sing national songs, playing drums lezginka (Caucasian traditional song), when the team scored. And yet there is a strange feature that we see a year - at home games, when there is rain, the team either wins or plays in a draw. Never had a defeated in the rain.

- Are there any achievements or titles at your club?

- We are proud of our home team - the output in the Premier League in 2005, in his first season in 2006, Spartak after the first half of the championship was on the 1st place (the same situation was in 2010), until the last round in 2010 fought for a place in the Europa League, given the fact that Spartak was the smallest budget in the league (10-12 million dollars).

- With the leadership of the club and the players what is your relationship?

- With players attitude is very good, almost after every match come to him communicate. Outside the stadium, if we meet them, they also do not pass by, say hello. But with leadership a little differently. There is no such that we were against them, in general, relations are normal. Arrange meetings management and the fans, much discussed, but on many issues with us is absolutely not considered. Most recently was the fact that we very much offended - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the obscenely expressed to us, and it was a live broadcast of the match.

By the way we are now in the club problems. After the change of leadership does not have sponsorship. Apparently the end of to Spartak ((It all began with the resignation of the president. With the new president of the republic talked representatives of the club, kind of promised not to destroy the team. But something goes wrong.

- Tell us about your stadium. How much are the tickets for football and whether it is possible to go free

- Stadium have an average, capacity of about 15,000. In general not bad, our field is one of the best among the participants of the Footbal National League (second division). As for the stands, we have repeatedly asked the management to remove the seats of our sectors and to put aerial platforms, but except promises we have received nothing. Very uncomfortable. We stand the entire match, team support and seats are not required. In addition, at a push, or accidentally touch they fall off and get in the way. With regard to inspection at our stadium is much easier than in other cities, where it is necessary 2-3 times pass inspection. We have it only at the entrance to the stadium. Earlier representatives of fan movements were given free tickets, but after a few negative chants against the leadership of the tickets are no longer available to us. Now as the rest we buy them for 100 rubles)

- Have your fans what that room where you can meet?

- No official premises. Always differently. In good weather, meet directly at the stadium. There are fan-shop owned by one of the leaders of the movement, sometimes going there.

- Which of the ultras scenes and fan groups in the world do you like?

- I like many groups. The first is of course the club "St. Pauli" and its fans. Also, fans of Manchester United (honestly sympathize with them, because it's my favorite football club) and Ukrainian fans of "Arsenal Kiev." Eintracht Frankfurt is also possible to add.

- What are your future plans?

- A lot of plans. In the first place, it is necessary to develop a fan movement in the republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, every year people are less and less. We will involve young people in our ranks, organize action. We will try to do a massive away matches. And, perhaps, try to come as close to the leadership in order to us finally being taken seriously.

- Your wishes to our readers.

- I would like to wish everyone a more allies,  less enemies and win your favorite teams.


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