Izhevsk: action of solidarity with the hostages Khimki (PHOTOREPORT)

In Izhevsk, September 19, 2010 was the second of the planned actions in the international campaign of solidarity with the arrested anti-fascists Gaskarova Alexey and Maxim Solopovym, as well as other persecuted advocates of Khimki woods. The rally was organized by activists of Izhevsk "autonomous operation." In total, the action was attended by about 40 people, among whom were autonomy, anti-fascists and ekologi.V during the rally participants demanded the immediate release of illegally detained community activists: Maxim Solopova and Alexei Gaskarova, to stop police repression of the defenders of nature and to abandon plans to cut down forests Khimki.

During the picket, were stretched out two big banner: "Freedom Khimki hostages!" And "Autonomous Action - Izhevsk, and two smaller banner:" Stop lawlessness! "And" Bandits cut down! Authorities cover! ".In addition, the participants were holding some colorful, painted watercolors, posters, and in the air razvevalisb, four black-and-red flag.

Throughout the activists are never tired of chanting various chants: "Down with the police state!", "Plant trees, not lyuzhey!", "Freedom Maxim Freedom Alex!", "Freedom Defenders of the forest!" And others.

The event has traditionally conducted the distribution of leaflets, which are explained in understandable terms to all who want the essence of what is happening event.As a result, two hours were distributed over 1000 flyers. Similar reacted per share odbritelno. Many have shown interest in: asking details of the case, they asked so how else can I help the arrested anti-fascists. People are keenly interested in going on, stopped and had a long talk with activists about the events in our country, expressed its concern about ever-increasing police supervision and outrage from authorities. The discussion of those interested citizens joined with the protesters, and held posters.

Text leaflets

July 28, 2010 in front of the administration in the city of Khimki Moscow more than 200 young anti-fascists and anarchists held a spontaneous demonstration in support of Khimki timber, which in those days were cut down for the needs of big business.The action, during which several windows were smashed, received wide publicity. And the authorities for their part responded with repression.

The day after the rally were arrested two prominent social activist - Alexey Gaskarov and Maxim Solopov.He faces up to seven years in prison for hooliganism, although there is no evidence of involvement in illegal activities. On the other activists, particularly involved in the antifascist movement, continues a police hunt.

For three years, as is the struggle for the salvation of Khimki forests. The intention of the authorities is through the local wood should be laid first in Russia paid highway Moscow-Saint Petersburg, which will eventually lead to deterioration of ecological situation in the region and depriving the local population and ordinary Muscovites recreational zone.Despite the availability of alternative routes that do not require cutting down forests, and the loud protest environmentalists and ordinary citizens against the chosen route, the authorities did not want to hear the voice of the public. On the contrary, the authorities many times to take steps to silence its critics.

Authorities Khimki, together with the company-builder does not once use of violence against defenders Khimki forests: ignoring public opinion by refusing to agree on the protests, attracting nationalists to break up peaceful protests, environmentalists and local residents, illegally detaining and beating journalists.Unknowns was crippled critic of local government, the chief editor Khimkinskiy truth "Michael Beketov, and killed another coder opposition newspaper Sergei Protazanov.

After the rally July 28, 2010 Russian police and security forces launched an unprecedented hunt for anti-fascists. People, at least once come to the attention of the Centre for the fight against extremism and the FSB as anti-fascists, in violation of law, forcibly transported for interrogation, their apartments are illegal searches, and in some cases it comes to the use of hard physical violence the detainee to extract them the necessary evidence.

Frightened by many and is gaining momentum all the protests against the felling of forests Khimki, the authorities finally made concessions, be willing to test the route chosen route.But this does not mean victory. Alexey and Maxim Gaskarov Solopov continue without foundation in custody, being held hostage by the authorities.

We demand to stop the destruction of forests Khimki and release from detention of our comrades Alexei Gaskarova and Maxim Solopova!

MOVEMENT "Autonomous Action", the IZHEVSK

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