Japan: The situation worsens at the NPP "Fukushima-1. Fixed radiation leaks at nuclear power plants "Onagava"

New earthquake of magnitude 4.3 occurred on Saturday 9 April at 18:01 local time (13:01 GMT) in the area of ​​emergency nuclear power plant, Fukushima-1 "in the north-east of the island of Honshu, has further aggravated the situation around the nuclear power plant in Japan. Strong tremors were also recorded in the prefectures of Miyagi, Ibaraki, Tochigi and Yamagata prefectures. Projected to seismologists, the increased seismic activity on the Pacific coast of Japan, which is celebrated here for almost a month after the March disaster will continue for some time. Severe situation continues on the Fukushima nuclear power plant-1, where, according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission United States remains the threat of further explosions at the three units.At the moment, with the resulting leakage of radiation from nuclear power plants, "Fukushima-1 in ocean water is continuing. Also soobschetsya about problems at the plant "Onagava, there is an increased radiation background at the station itself, fixed leak of radioactive water for 3 reactor plant.

According to the recommendations of experts, the building unit number two nuclear power plants, "Fukushima-1 and adjacent engineering facilities will be surrounded by a fence 120 meters long.On Saturday, April 9, in an emergency NPP Fukushima-1 "began to erect steel fence to prevent radioactive substances into the ocean. Even if the fence will hold the leakage of radioactive water, it does not help to eliminate radioactive substances into the atmosphere.

China has introduced more stringent ban on the import of goods from Japan. It is expected that soon the ban will be imposed on fishing in Japan's shores.

On the number of radiation has leaked into the ocean with a Japanese nuclear power plant accident, is still not reported.Many experts expressed that the effects of this relief can not be predicted, because never in human history in the seas and oceans are not dumped so many toxic substances and radioatkivnyh. Radioactive substances will migrate through the food chain and spread to other (officially clean) the seas and oceans. Obviously, in different countries will soon begin to take steps to restrict fishing


April 8, 2011 - As a result of the new earthquake on Thursday night created an emergency situation at the NPP Onagava profekture in Miyagi.According to Tohoku Electric Power - the company that owns the plant, a small leak of radioactive water reported at three nuclear power plants.

Registered increased radioactivity level inside the units. According to an official post, outside the nuclear radiation level is not elevated, but the station was evacuated staff. However, in the early days of the accident at the plant Fukushima-1 Japanese authorities also argued that there is no danger outside the nuclear plant there, and then it turned into a crash that is comparable with Chernobyl.

Meanwhile, according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission United States remains a very difficult situation in Fukushima.There exists a threat of further explosions. Previously, the Commission stated that the fourth nuclear power plant unit Fukushima-1 was an explosion of hydrogen with a large-scale release of radiation. There is still no official data on levels of radiation in the exclusion zone.

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