A letter from father of Konstantinas Karakatsanis

Now greece can sleep in peace. PASOK’S justice sentenced the 18yearold then Kostandina to 11years imprisonment with no proof, no evidence, not even based on her age. She may be the only political prisoner that is under 20 in the world. If there is another its probably in a country in banania. They sentenced her at a trial that was between a court martial and an inquisition, without taking into consideration neither the witnesses nor all the evidence that shouted her innocence.

The crime: she did not conform, to the orders to not go to exarhia, to not fight for anything, to not have a political opinion, to bow the head and beg for lenience. The sentence had to be excruciating.

I dare all the judges, all of greece, especially Arsenis and Katseli, to show me what my child did, who she harmed, who she terrorized.

The accused her with no shame of being a terrorist at the age of 17. They are the terrorists and their subjects who have brought greeks to a desperate situation and are still out there free. All the gangs of robbers politicians who ridiculed the nation and imprisoned my child simply because she had the courage to stand up against them.

It couldn’t happen any other way. The decision had been made. The party had to show that it eliminated terrorism. The seats had to be saved.

I speak of course of Georges (Papandreou) party and co. This party has nothing to do with the Pasok of Andreas (Papandreou, father of george), Gennimatas, Merkouri, Tritsis (all ex leaders of Pasok), and all those who taught democracy, respect of the citizen and equal justice for all. We are speaking of a party of which its leader tries to cover up the corruption of his comrades with alleged investigations.

Why do they not make the same judges try Mantelis, Alogoskoufis, Simitis, Tsohatzopoulos, Rousopoulos, Papantoniou, Voulgarakis and all the others, just so we can see if they have the guts and balls to use the full length of the law and its sentences.

So your justice had to show its existence on my childs back?

Minister, because your new in this ministry and you haven’t been informed by your co-fighters Papoutsis, Kastanidis, Hrisohoidis, i will tell you: The crime these kids committed was that they dared to get fed up before all of us. And the people dared it.

The babies and their pots became a chant. Hundreds of thousands of people in squares were holding pots. Art honored them. A well known composer and singer sings: “C’mon my friend, grab a pot, and tell he kids to come one night and burn it all”, as a token of respect to those who did nothing for themselves, to those who mortgaged their youth behind bars and its no just the song.

Its all Greeks except for your people who are set and comfortable . This is the great crime they committed. They bothered the system, woke memories and chants we used years before the babies were born. You remember minister? Its the ones we chanted together with a lot of you in the streets and they are all current examples.”People youre starving, why are you bowing to them”, “Cops- pigs- murderers”, “Bread, education, freedom” and your comrade Papoutsis remembers them because he applied them word-to-word in the constitution. All that was missing was Dertilis tank. Therefore, now that Kostandina is in your fire range, you can walk the streets with no fear, the cafes, the stadiums, go out and admire a country, that only you could have brought this low.

It is my honor therefore, that my daughter did not make my mistake of belonging to cheap political parties.

I am proud that this is my child. The country of Digenis and Diakos, my country, today a country of traitors.

I would like to thank all those who respected my golgotha.

I thank all those who even got beaten up, in order to show their support to my child. I thank the witnesses, i thank the district attorney who even at the last minute realized where this trial was going and did what he could to save the kids from the guillotine.

The court might have sent 6 kids to the galleys, but it for sure it sent 600 kids to exarhia area Athens. Isn’t that so, Mikis (Theodorakis, singer)? We are two, we are three, we are a thousand thirteen.

To finish i would like to thank my friend for decades and advocate to my daughter, Nikos Kostandopoulos. I thank his daughter Zoi for defending my Nina as a sister and i ask of them, after they talk to my child, to do everything within the law. A bit later when everything is clearer and trials are clearly objective.

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 Source: https://actforfreedomnow.wordpress.com/2011/08/02/letter-from-kostandina-karakatsanis-father-athens-greece

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