At a rally in Tyumen January 31 participants of "Autonomous Action" called for self-organization without leaders, and leaders

January 31 Tyumen anarchists and "AD-Tyumen took part in the rally" Strategy 31. " Of course, this does not mean that we support those who are usually associated activities under the "Strategy-31" - Eduard Limonov, Boris Nemtsov, etc. We do not advocate any ideology blurred okolopravoy NBP nor neoliberalism Nemtsov and other "opposition". We are confident that they will use quite righteous anger of people to themselves to come to power, nothing in this principle has not changed. We stand for a decisive movement towards a genuine direct democracy.

Nevertheless, we came to the rally to express their position, unfurled a banner "Autonomous Action" and the red and black flags.Distributed their own leaflets.

In total, the rally brought together a hundred people were like politicians - the Stalinists and liberals - or just interested people. From the libertarians came out a speaker. He called not to be limited only by the requirement of freedom of assembly, and change all the basics of modern life in the direction of government workers. Particularly, he noted that there is no "leader" does not change things for the better - no Lemon, nor Germans, nor Zyuganov.Only people can make a radical revolution for the better.

In addition, January 31 publicly announced the upcoming February 6 large rally against politichesikh repression and in defense of anarchist Andrey Kutuzov, whom the FSB accuses raezhiganii hatred against a particular social group "militia".

Layout of our leaflets you can download below.Here is its text:

January 31 rallies held across Russia for their right to freedom of assembly, which grossly violated the authoritarian Putin-Medvedev's regime.

At this fair move energetically promoting aspiring to power, politicians and various political parties. They want to become "elite" nothing in this principle has not changed.

Do not believe them!

Organize resistance and build their lives on their own, without "leaders."Need to change the entire system, not the names of individual cogs!




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