Day 6 of Occupy Abai

Tonight, March 13, in Moscow, it was rain. However, the protest camp against Putin's inauguration Chistoprudny Boulevard continues to stand, despite the bad weather.Ongoing lectures, seminars and assemblies, which
were to serve as general meetings where important decisions are made by vote of all members. The most important thing - none of the protesters, no matter how "cool" activist he may be, can not be in the camp around the clock, and therefore the participants of the camp, even if they are not supporters of self-organization, are forced to organize their own lives. In the evening Assembly May 12, it was decided not to smoke in the aisles around the fountain and in public places in the camp - only on lawns, throwing bulls in the garbage.

Also, according to most participants in the camp, protesting all the problems should be solved with the help of his guards, and without the help of the police.

Recall that during the day May 12 pieces of paper with the text of the camp statute, pasted on the trees, were taken off by police. By the evening were written by the new ads, one of which was handed over during the night of oppositionist with a status - Ilya Yashin. As we learned from the media, Sergei Udaltsov which is under administrative arrest , considered one of the leaders of the opposition, "appointed" Yashin as komendant of protest camp.

However, when anarchists handed him the camp statute Yashin said he is not central to the camp, he is the same as all other participants. Late on May 12 at the suggestion of one of the participants in the Assembly, protesters lit candles in solidarity with their comrades, and 
placed under administrative detention after arrest on May 6-7. In addition, it was reported that around the Moscow City Court on Bogorodsk shaft, which is upheld the extension May 11 of his arrest the accused of
Pussy Riot, there is also the protest camp.

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