Small Khimki in the Chersonese

акция в Херсонесе

Today, 14 November, in Sevastopol on the reserve Chersonese rally residents against the construction of houses on the site. Several hundred people (have been collected about 400 signatures) organized themselves (through local forums and personal communication) for a rally against illegal building of the reserve. At the site the expected development was a fence enclosing the space under construction.

The rally was to begin at 12 noon. At 11.55 an elderly man asked loudly - "There are young people? Seen in Khimki protesting? Here we also need to" Let's bring down the fence all together ".And people began to destroy the fence as best they could. After 15 minutes of the fence was gone, the mood among the audience was elated.

After the demolition of the people communicating with each other and find out the details of construction. Also collected signatures against the construction. And even as the earth emerged from the MP (which also protects the Chersonese) could not spoil the mood of anyone.

We wish to remind that the Chersonese - a city founded by the ancient Greeks two thousand years ago.And in its territory is actively being excavated, and only 10% of the "processed" arheolagami. Under the alleged cottages can nahodtsya important for science stuff.

For example, today when I went to the Chersonese, then right under your feet found a piece of ancient vases, and if we dig further, there's just a pantry history.

Also Hersonissos is a favorite vacation spot of Sebastopol, with krasimymi species and clean water at beaches.

Due to the fact that the prosecution admitted the illegal construction, the problems with the police have not arisen.But judging by the mood of the crowd, people are willing to go through and defend Chersonese.

Give small Khimki everywhere!


Autonomous Action - Crimea

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