Solidarity with the Moscow anti-fascists in Ufa

May 4 Ufa anti-fascists and members of the "autonomous action" was an action of solidarity with the Moscow anti-fascists Gaskarova Alexey and Maxim Solopovym unlawfully detained after protests in Khimki. On the bridge at the intersection of Ave Salavat Yulayev and st. Sugita Agishev was posted on a banner with the inscription "Freedom for the Moscow anti-fascists". Also near the venue of the rally were scattered leaflets describing the situation around the interception and the description of arbitrary power.

We remind you about what happened: July 28, more than five hundred anarchists and activists "antifa" smashed administration building Khimki in protest against the felling of forests Khimki.Masked men smashed windows with stones, painted the walls the words "save the Russian forest and threw smoke bombs building. In the morning on July 29 antifascist Alex Gaskarov was summoned for an interview at a local ATM. There he was literally handed over to the center of the "E" and taken to an unknown destination. Were violated most of the rules, which are described in the law "On militia".Do not have informations relatives, has not been sent a summons for detention. That evening, after a speech on the radio "Russian news service" antifascist Maxim Solopov was summoned for a talk at the metro station "Okhotny number. Max arrived at the meeting, but no conversation never took place. He just put in a car and drove away in Khimki. At night in the apartments and Gaskarova Solopova were searched. The apartment Gaskarova search was without warrant and to provide any papers, there was no inventory of the property and witnesses.

At the moment, Khimki city court decided to detain Alexei Gaskarova for two months, while there is investigated the case.Also, the city court to detain second suspect in the attack on the administration of Khimki Maxim Solopova, arrest extended for two months. Thus, the suspects will be held in prison until early October. Lawyer Mikhail Trepashkin, earlier defended the anti-fascist Alexei Gaskarova, reported that police set against the detainee from other prisoners."Now the city increased, so have been caught various petty criminals, - lawyer .- They are kept together with the guys and the police kept telling them:" If it were not butchers, one would not catch you. " The children themselves told the judge about the threat of life. "

We demand the immediate release of Alexey Gaskarova and Maxim Solopova, regardless of whether they participated in the action-heemkah July 28 or not - the fighters against corruption and lawlessness are not the hoodlums and heroes!

Freedom Alexei Gaskarova and Maxim Solopovu!

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