The action of solidarity with "Khimki hostages" in Kazan

In Kazan action of solidarity with "Khimki hostages. These days, we decided to inform the widest possible group of people about what country we live in, that the repression goes for what you say and what you have public activist. In the absence of independent media in the course are simple methods, leaflets, stickers, stencils on the wall, almost all the days of graffiti and hanging banners. But the completion of all was to 2uh pickets at the same time in different parts of the city. The timing was no coincidence that just when people go shopping in malls, and thanks to this almost sold out 1,000 flyers in the hands of passers-by who could not miss our noisy presence.Many asked what was going on, read the leaflet, supported, talked about their experiences. After all, most recently the Gestapo, NKVD, and now the center of E. Is to put these structures, one after another, time will tell, but we know exactly what they want to take away the freedom of our friends for their opinions.

Freedom Solopovu and Gaskarova!

Stop the repression against political activists!

In the pickets took more than 40 anarchists, autonomy, anti-fascists and people who do not care.Do not stay away and you! No pasaran!

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