Solidarity zone in Amsterdam

On November 25 and 26, the is taking place in Amsterdam (Plantage Doklaan 8-12); in addition to books, various horizontal groups will give presentations and workshops on these days.

Anti-War Human Rights Initiative will take a table at the fair, where you can buy T-shirts, scarves, posters, badges and other merch.

November 25 at 17.00 will make a . Come if you are in Amsterdam and woud like to learn more about the anti-war resistance and state repressions in Russia.

Bookfair working hours: 12 - 21 on saturday and 12 - 20 on sunday at the lokation Dokhuis.




Monero: 4B1tm6boA5ST6hLdfnPRG2Np9XMHCTiyhE6QaFo46QXp6tZ7Y6nJjE43xBBTwHM84bWwexR8nS4KH36JHujjc1kC8j2Mx5e

Bitcoin: bc1qn404lrshp3q9gd7852d7w85sa09aq0ch28s3v4

Ethereum: 0x7CE361fA7dAb77D028eaEF7Bbe2943FDF0655D3E

USDT (TRC20): TRcCUHKSMY7iLJPvbDxLc6ZnvAud72jTgj

other altcoins:

The funds received to the details above are used solely for the needs and in the interests of the persecuted, who are supported or are going to be supported by Solidarity zone.

To support the participants of Solidarity Zone themselves, started .

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