Dear readers of the site, you are all well aware of those sad events that occur in the environment of the Belarusian anarhodvizheniya and we know that these events, each of you is experiencing its own way. Our previous appeal was improperly removed by an administrator and we think that today's announcement and will not last long on it, but somebody has read it and draw the necessary conclusions. Our goal in one - to preserve the unity and the idea of our movement, to maintain the possibility of its further development, taking into account the mistakes that have already committed, but that can be corrected.That is why, without abandoning what had been said in the previous article, we want to apply to a number of our comrades. As we know, now campaign for the release of Nicholas Dedkov, thanks to his closest people began to get negative points, which completely contradict anarchist morality. Believe that Nicholas, had he known about it, would be made with sharp criticism of such activities. Attempts to save Nicholas from those who are not present in Belarus is simply not acceptable, namely in such a scenario is a number of our comrades on the advice of lawyers and relatives of Nicholas.We know that in our environment, requests for sound to those who may once again be under interrogation about the necessity of silence in respect of Nicholas, while influencing all the blame on those who left the country. Reiterated his views, which we condemn the fugitives to their bases, we also object to make them scapegoats. Anarchist must be persistent and principled, and a line of conduct should be one - is not seen or heard, can not say anything.Otherwise, we peregryzem each other like spiders in the bank and bury all our idea and its credibility in the eyes of those who would follow us. If you are not going against this statement, based on anarchist principles appear on the "autonomy".

Belarussian Anarchists

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