Student offensive. Kiev.

Any power to suppress and discredit these people's protests (and not a political clown opponents during the election) enlists the aid of the nationalists, who are always ready for small investments "in the case of the nation" to do all the dirty robot.
Sometimes it is disguised as a blunt attack, and sometimes, as happened today, under the guise of "comrades in the struggle" to get into, and to embroil the most to discredit protesters.
As you (hopefully) know, the protest against the new law "On education" has once again organizovuyut independent trade unions and organizations that yarosno shield themselves from the political machinations are not taking any political side, but most opposition politics, which now creates unnecessary problem students.
But right-wing parties and organizations are trying to cling to popular clamor, ostensibly under the good intention.But we know what to expect from them.

Gathering at the metro station ...


people joke about Jakubowicz Yanukovych ...

and ignited the fire of hearts

Provocateurs sadly stood on the sidelines, frustrated that they have no place at this celebration of life

victory is close, if powerful people have resorted to such methods
protest did not abate, despite the fact that it's all a personal initiative of the students, for which pay no money and can be "slapped on the cap."
No political party will not appear here, among these young people, who came to defend their rights and those of their loved ones.
and while holding such a situation, the law will not pass.
JOIN.We decide to which camp we live!


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