Welcome to Against prison system-festival in Helsinki 8th 9th of June 2013

Short program summary

Saturday 8th of June

-Short introduction and discussion about Prisonless utopia - anarchist solutions to criminality at 5 pm.

-Documentaries at 7 pm.

-Bands starting at 9 pm.

Sunday 9th of June

-Food 3 PM

-Talk Struggle against prisons in Spain 4 PM

-Gig in the evening

More detailed program

Saturday 8th of June

On saturday June 8th in Kupoli, Helsinki University (Mannerheimintie 5b, 7th floor) 

Short introduction and discussion about Prisonless utopia - anarchist solutions to criminality at 5 pm.

Documentaries at 7 pm.

Performing bands Danger!man (nor), Juggling Jugulars, Vapaa Maa and Kansalaistottelemattomuus starting at 9 pm.

There will be food, refreshments and information, this time especially about Marie Mason and Eric McDavid (june11.org). The gig will cost 5 euros, other parts of program is free.

Organized by ABC-Helsinki

Sunday 9th of June

In Kupoli, Helsinki University (Mannerheimintie 5b, 7th floor)

Food 3 PM, talk 4PM on

Struggle against prisons in Spain

In May of 2013, 13 prison guards will face charges for torture, related to the spontaneous riot that broke out in the prison of Cuatre Camins in 2004. It is the first time in the history of Spain that prison guards have to testify in front of a judge about torture that is going on in Spanish prisons. An anarchist from the campaign "Carcel=Tortura" speaks about this and other campaigns unfolding in Spain. 

(Unlike other Disturbances-lectures, this will not be translated to internet)

Organised by A-ryhmä and AutOp

In the evening adventure time @kupoli (Mannerheimintie 5b, 7.krs)

LANDVERRAAD: political hardcore from Netherlands




Events of festival are organised by independent groups without centralised "leadership", and your input is welcome. If you want to propose more program, pleace contact a-ryhma@riseup.net.

There is a free accomodation in a squat available for first 20 persons outside Helsinki who announce their need for the night between Saturday and Sunday to address a-ryhma@riseup.net, contact  until Friday 7th inclusively. Squat is drug- and alcohol free, and does not admit intoxicated people - that means, if you want to drink, find yourself another place to stay. Squat will be open for those who want to stay overnight at least from 9PM 8th of June to noon of 9th of June. Bring your own sleeping bag and mattress. 

Follow updates of program from Takku.net and pages of A-ryhmä,  https://avtonom.org/fi/node/20695

in facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/172273816269015/




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