Tattoo Circus arrives to Helsinki third time!

Tattoo Circus

Come to the Tattoo Circus 13-15.4 to support prisoners and get inked!
Oranssi, Kaasutehtaankatu 1 (building 11), Suvilahti, Helsinki

Annual prisoner support event and -festival was organised first time here in spring 2016. In different European cities Tattoo Circus have been organised already since 2007. Tattoo Circus is not limited to tattoo culture only, but provides a great program related to prison and circus themes which invites everyone to participate. The program this year features circus, tarot workshop, bingo, hairdo workshop, to mention few. There will be music performances and discussions and introductions of situations of political prisoners around the world.And of course the festival will feature tattoo artist ready to give you a tattoo in support of political prisoners! We will also send postcards and letters to prisoners to support them.

Contact us: tattoocircushki[at]


Facebook event:

Tattoo Circus Helsinki Crew



Tattoo Circus isn't constrained to tattoo culture just, yet gives an awesome program identified with jail and bazaar subjects which welcomes everybody to take part. The program this year highlights carnival, tarot workshop, bingo, haircut workshop, to say few. There will be music exhibitions and talks and presentations of circumstances of political detainees around the globe .

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