Welcome to Libcom 2013 forum

From 9th to 12th of May, Libcom 2013 forum will take place in the Moscow region of Russia. We invite everyone, who agree with principles of anti-authoritarian organizing, equality and decentralization, and who respect opinions of others and who want to change the existing order of things to something better to join.

Goal of the forum is

-Strengthening of connections and enhancement of coordination between activists

-Presentation of working projects, founded on libertarian basis

-Learning tactics from of successful struggles

-Discussion of problems, that arise between activists, with ideological opponents, and with rest of the society

-Improvement and maintenance of the physical fit of the participators

Forum will take place in Moscow region in form of a tent camp. Common life and maintenance of the camp by participators themselves enables participators to better know each other.

Although we try to get rid of various stereotypes and prejudices, existing (anti-)social system is heavily interacting on how we relate to other people. We hope, that you arrive to forum in a good spirit and mood. We hope that you treat other participators with respect, even if you opinions widely differ in some aspect. .

During forum, it is not allowed to use any alcohol or drugs. This helps to maintain working mood and minimize chances of undesirable situations during the meeting. In case you may not follow this rule, please do not join forum.

We, as organizers, will take responsibility of picking up the spot for the forum, to invite guests, and also to gather participation fees for purchase of necessary materials and products. Responsibility for functioning of the camp (provision of the necessary facilities, cooking, security etc.) will be shared with other participators. This is because we believe in autonomy, own initiative and lack of leadership in practice as well.

Program of the camp will be drafted during the following few months with your help. We are waiting for your letters and propositions for lectures and seminars, please also write us for topics of discussion.

Due to interest of law enforcement with anarchist movement and the current level of repression, we are forced to take measures to provide security for guests of the camp. Thus in order to join forum, you should find endorsers amongst people amongst the movement, who are known to us and who may opt for your participation. Unfortunately, if you fail to find such endorsers, we may not accept you to forum. In such an unfortunate case, we hope that next year you manage to find someone to endorse you.

In order to join the forum, one should pay organization fee which is of 500 rubles (12.50 euros). Money is necessary for purchase of products and other provisions for the camp. If there is surplus of money remaining after the camp, it will be donated to a fund to support political prisoners.

For any requests of information and propositions, please contact organizers by e-mail: libcom@riseup.net


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