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НовостьSweden: solidarity actions with russian anarchists and antifa in Malmo and Burlenge Редакция11 day 1 hour ago
НовостьHundreds of protesters detained after massive wave of repressions in Belarus Редакция32 days 33 min ago
НовостьSolidarity week for anarchist prisoners in Helsinki Редакция12 days 4 hours ago
Новость My adventures with Interpol Редакция12 days 6 hours ago
НовостьAntiauthoritarian summer camp  1.-5. August 2018 at Pirkanmaa Редакция202 days 23 hours ago
НовостьSilent revolution in Belarus Редакция13 days 1 min ago
НовостьSpartak Lecce Редакция13 days 1 hour ago
НовостьGNMP-2014 Редакция13 days 1 hour ago
НовостьGreece: Support the arrested comrades in Thessaloniki Редакция83 days 22 hours ago
НовостьDemonstration against torture in Helsinki, March 18 Редакция14 days 1 hour ago
НовостьBelarus: Dozens of anarchists arrested in Minsk after anti-government protest Редакция56 days 16 hours ago
НовостьSupport anarchist and antifa prisoners in St.Petersburg and Penza! Редакция21 week 22 hours ago
НовостьSecondary education reform: paid education and degradation of children Редакция11 week 2 days ago
НовостьThe movement of landless workers in Brazil. Look Anarchist Редакция21 week 4 days ago
НовостьArman Sagynbayev: I Was Tortured by the FSB Редакция01 week 5 days ago
НовостьPeace to Ukraine, free Russian political prisoners! Редакция01 week 5 days ago
НовостьTattoo Circus arrives to Helsinki third time! Редакция21 week 5 days ago
НовостьIlya Kapustin: “They Said They Could Break My Legs and Dump Me in the Woods" Редакция231 week 5 days ago
НовостьIlya Kapustin: “When the Stamp Thudded in My Passport, It Was Like a Huge Weight Had Been Lifted from My Shoulders” Редакция82 weeks 23 hours ago
НовостьDefense intends to tighten the procedure of recruitment Редакция12 weeks 4 days ago
НовостьA New Face in Hell: Yuli Boyarshinov Редакция12 weeks 4 days ago
НовостьHow “Stability” Has Really Been Achieved in Russia Редакция32 weeks 4 days ago
НовостьSummary of international week of actions for Russian anarchist and anti-fascist prisoners Редакция32 weeks 4 days ago
НовостьSentence of Yuri Mishutkin overturned – funds are needed for the new court Редакция11 month 2 days ago
НовостьThe outrage of the police in Petrozavodsk, Russia. Please distribute widely! Редакция11 month 5 days ago