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НовостьSupport Russian anti-war prisoners Редакция019 hours 25 min ago
НовостьA monologue of a man from Moscow oblast, who was tortured because his brother is an anarchist Редакция020 hours 52 min ago
НовостьWhat is known about the new terrorism case against antifascists in Tyumen Редакция01 day 3 hours ago
Новость“I take a sick leave” How mobilization affected workers? Редакция12 days 21 hours ago
НовостьThe sleep of reason produces monsters: “Trends of order and chaos”, episode 81 (20 November) Редакция06 days 10 hours ago
НовостьFrozen Time: Getting Used to Horror and Madness Редакция01 week 3 days ago
НовостьSupport political prisoner - anarchist Evgeny Karakashev Редакция02 weeks 1 day ago
Статичная страницаDonate Редакция02 weeks 2 days ago
НовостьDmitry Buchenkov interviewed in prison: it turned me into a convinced revolutionary big time Редакция03 weeks 18 hours ago
НовостьSupport anti-fascists arrested in “Tyumen case” Редакция03 weeks 3 days ago
НовостьKamikadze-drone: Trends of order and chaos, episode 76 (October 16th) Редакция03 weeks 6 days ago
НовостьHunger strike of Ihar Alinevich: what is known now Редакция04 weeks 15 hours ago
НовостьWho will save us: “Trends of order and chaos”, episode 77 (23 October) Редакция01 month 4 days ago
НовостьThe Crowdfunding campaign of Autonomous Action is forced to end prematurely, donate until the 15th of September Редакция01 month 6 days ago
НовостьMoscow anarchists blocked the Minsk highway in solidarity with the Belarussian friends Редакция01 month 1 week ago
НовостьFour Months in an Anti-Authoritarian Platoon in Ukraine Редакция21 month 2 weeks ago
НовостьA shocker: “Trends of order and chaos”, episode 72 (September 19th) Редакция01 month 2 weeks ago
НовостьAnti-war leaflets to distribute Редакция01 month 3 weeks ago
НовостьSuffering as a national idea: “Trends of order and chaos”, episode 69 (August 28) Редакция01 month 3 weeks ago
НовостьNight of the Deserter: "Trends of Order and Chaos", épisode 73 (September 25th) Редакция01 month 3 weeks ago
НовостьInterview with Anarchist Black Cross Moscow Редакция11 month 4 weeks ago
НовостьAvtonom.org is now officially blocked in Russia Редакция01 month 4 weeks ago
НовостьFinal spurt of our fundraising drive for Autonomous Action Редакция01 month 4 weeks ago
НовостьInterview of Campaign to Defend Khimki Hostages for TerraSelvaggia Редакция12 months 2 days ago
НовостьSolidarity Zone - a new initiative to support anti-war prisoners in Russia Редакция02 months 3 days ago