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НовостьRussia: “network” case lawyers prepare for court battle Редакция11 hour 33 min ago
НовостьCall for solidarity: another wave of arrests and torture against Russian anarchists Редакция11 hour 45 min ago
НовостьAnarchy 21 Редакция14 hours 35 min ago
НовостьIn Odessa burned Hummer leader of the Union of anarchists Ukraine Редакция15 hours 32 min ago
НовостьAnti-fascist Pavel Krivonosov from Nizhni Novgorod needs help! Редакция15 hours 47 min ago
НовостьHello, you again free radio "Birds Khimki woods" Редакция26 hours 21 min ago
НовостьJoin common days of action for Alexey Sutuga, Alexey Olesinov and all repressed anti-fascists Редакция17 hours 12 min ago
НовостьPlease show solidarity and help the arrested anarchist Dmitry Buchenkov Редакция18 hours 34 min ago
Новость"Declare war to the war!" - Antiwar picket in Moscow Редакция110 hours 33 min ago
НовостьPeace to Ukraine, free Russian political prisoners! Редакция114 hours 47 min ago
НовостьSolidarity week for anarchist prisoners in Helsinki Редакция114 hours 52 min ago
НовостьCuba: neoliberalism with a local "characteristics" Редакция117 hours 46 min ago
НовостьThe attack on forest defenders Khimki Редакция120 hours 4 min ago
НовостьAnarchist Black Cross’s Annual Overview of Repressions 2016 Редакция120 hours 55 min ago
НовостьOn the slanderous accusations in today's "Nuova Venezia" and regarding the statement issued by the Voina art group Редакция220 hours 59 min ago
НовостьIn Tyumen, held a rally of "extremism No: justify Andrey Kutuzov!" Редакция121 hours 9 min ago
НовостьYou are welcome to the 9th general meeting of Autonomous Action Редакция121 hours 57 min ago
НовостьAutonomous Action - Tyumen required to justify Andrey Kutuzov Редакция11 day 3 min ago
НовостьFestival program published: Father Frost against Putin 2019 to take place in January Редакция11 day 3 hours ago
НовостьAirsoft: The Penza Terrorism Case Редакция11 day 6 hours ago
НовостьSupport Crimean anarchist Aleksandr Kolchenko, detained on terror charges! Редакция11 day 8 hours ago
НовостьThe victim of "Angarsk case: reduce everything to simple hooliganism Редакция11 day 8 hours ago
НовостьDefenders Khimki forests held a press conference and strayed from the bandits Редакция11 day 9 hours ago
НовостьMoscow anarchists marched in defense of their Belarusian colleagues Редакция11 day 10 hours ago
НовостьNew shortfilms on Belarusian anarchist political prisoners Ihar Alinevich and Mikalaj Dziadok, Mikalaj transferred to high-security prison Редакция11 day 13 hours ago