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НовостьFor the sake of gold destroying union Редакция12 hours 12 min ago
НовостьActions vs. repressions Редакция12 hours 28 min ago
НовостьDocumentary "The End of Civilization" (Franklin Lopez) 2011 Редакция12 hours 37 min ago
НовостьABC-Moscow: Repressions summary for January-February 2014 Редакция12 hours 39 min ago
НовостьThey ohu.elki ... or freedom of the hostages Khimki Редакция12 hours 44 min ago
НовостьThe story about samba action against fascist conference in St. Petersburg and arrest that followed Редакция13 hours 6 min ago
НовостьNew Addresses of Belarusian anarchist prisoners Редакция13 hours 46 min ago
НовостьThe festival program against forced conscription "deserter Day-2011" Редакция16 hours 7 min ago
Новость"Long Depression" - Interview with Karl-Heinz Roth on the world crisis Редакция17 hours 56 min ago
НовостьJapan: The situation worsens at the NPP "Fukushima-1. Fixed radiation leaks at nuclear power plants "Onagava" Редакция19 hours 49 min ago
НовостьDetainees in the case of serial murders in Irkutsk were neo-Nazis Редакция111 hours 20 min ago
Новость"Everyone is entitled to their 15 minutes of power" Редакция113 hours 44 min ago
НовостьKhimki prosecutors failed again to detain Max Solopova Редакция114 hours 45 min ago
НовостьBelarusian prison. Untouchables in the prison hierarchy. Редакция315 hours 27 min ago
НовостьIzhevsk: graffiti - anti-fascist rally in memory of Fedor Filatov Редакция115 hours 52 min ago
Новость Anarchist activist seriously wounded in a Nazi attack in Kiev of Ukraine Редакция116 hours 1 min ago
НовостьJapan: Fukushima nuclear power plant continues to smoke, up to 120,000 people may suffer from radiation Редакция116 hours 5 min ago
НовостьThe movement of landless workers in Brazil. Look Anarchist Редакция116 hours 15 min ago
НовостьMinistry of Health warned! Редакция117 hours 4 min ago
НовостьInternational Day of Action for Jock Palfreeman on 19th of October Редакция118 hours 43 min ago
НовостьFSC law is not written: the only member arrested picket in support of Andrew Kutuzov Редакция122 hours 3 min ago
НовостьAleksandr Kolchenko: I am not a terrorist. I am a citizen of Ukraine Редакция123 hours 38 min ago
НовостьCopenhagen: The action in defense of "Khimki hostages" Редакция11 day 5 min ago
НовостьUkraine: student protests continue Редакция21 day 1 hour ago
НовостьMay Day in Helsinki: against authority, fascism and capitalism! Редакция21 day 1 hour ago