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In the case of the arrested anti-fascists court found the evidence insufficient, but left in custody

July 31 in City Court, the Court held Khimki to elect measure Alexei Gaskarova and Maxim Solopovu. The meeting was held behind closed doors, which in the opinion of counsel had no reason to. Nevertheless, the process leading President Municipal Court, Khimki, SB Galanova granted the chief representative of the investigation two offices 4 of the investigative unit at the central investigation department police department of the Moscow Oblast Ermilova NO, supported by the Attorney Idrisova RM

Actually, the whole situation was indicative of the maximum desired "close" the case from the public, conceal its political nature."Unofficially, this secrecy police attributed to the fact that the investigations are supervised by the presidential administration, which insists on the extreme secrecy. However, the presidential press service yesterday," Kommersant said that they still are not aware of any specific orders of the President or the Administration on this occasion.Police do not hide that set very tough - participated in an attack in fact amount to militants: "Fledglings moved edge, to challenge authority. The goal is to put them firmly in place, so no one will make a fuss" - Kommersant.

The court building was cordoned off by large forces of police. Gathered at the court of the public, including journalists and assistant to the deputy, as well as relatives of detainees after persistent demands have been missed in the room only to 5 minutes to be expelled.In a case Gaskarova judge disregarded even this formality, and from beginning to end considered the case closed.

However, following consideration of the judge against prosecution motions not ruled on remand, but only to extend the detention until August 3, explaining this by saying that the investigation is not provided to support that claim is sufficient evidence.

Solopovu charged with involvement in the attack on the administration, and Gaskarova, in addition, also the role of the organizer.Article 213 Part 2 of the Criminal Code. Nevertheless, the prosecution has not yet filed and Gaskarov and Solopov remain "suspects".

According to counsel, the result of the hearing indicates that the investigation did not have any conclusive evidence of active involvement of detainees in the attack and more so, his organization on their part. All charges based on the data analysis of video (controversial) and the testimony of unidentified witnesses.

Lawyers have noticed that in the minutes indicated that the arrest made at the crime scene.This is an obvious lie because we know that Maxim and Alex have been detained for almost a day later, after voluntarily came to police for a "conversation". Also contradict each other and witnesses.

Representing the interests of the lawyer M. A. Gaskarova Trepashkin immediately after the meeting made a statement that the investigation requires it to study the case to sign non-disclosure that he qualifies as an attempt to make the process without any basis in private.In this regard, Trepashkin not consider it possible execution of the duties of counsel and goes out of business.

However, he remains in the group, which will provide legal assistance to detainees and will provide all possible assistance to the defense. In case you enter a new lawyer.

In my personal impressions, guys looked and behaved tolerably pretty confident that I can not say about judges and police. Judge stumbled, police in the cordon clearly nervous in mind gathered outside the court a large support group of detainees.

The hearing of two cases continued from 15 to 18.30 am

It seems that because of the weakness (and on the "organization, apparently, no) evidence verdict will depend entirely on what the public reaction will cause and how serious campaign in support of children can be arranged.In the near future will be sent to the parliamentary inquiry to the Prosecutor General about numerous irregularities investigation.Thus, except those already listed, the detention had not been informed relatives, has not been sent a summons for detention. The apartment Gaskarova search was without warrant and to provide any papers, there was no inventory of the property and witnesses.

You can also letter of protest to the prosecutor of the Moscow region!

Begun collecting money to pay for a lawyer. Essential electronic purse .

Meanwhile, recommenced Khimki cutting forests.Movement for Khimki woods invites all indifferent to 12.00, 2 August, at Starbeevskoe pole.Proezd: From Khimki at 11 or 29 bus to stop Starbeevo. Field left from the stop.

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