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Defense intends to tighten the procedure of recruitment

The Ministry of Defence is preparing another large-scale reform in the system of recruitment of the army. Amendments will be developed as early as September 1. For example, plans to increase the enlistment age to 30 years and reduce the number of universities, providing a respite for the students.

Those who evaded the draft, will apply more stringent measures. The young man, who did not come to the draft board at age 18, virtually declared a criminal and limited the right to freedom of movement.That is, you can not even go to another city.

And for those who are not military service, it is proposed to close the road to public office and certain professions.

Certainly, the current recruits, many questions arose. Hosts of "The Morning of Russia" have voiced their military expert with the Association of Political Scientists, Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Perendzhievu stock.

"Many of the conditions I think it wrong, because we are talking about limiting civil rights.And here is not important - recruits or not "- said the expert. According Perendzhieva, if there is need to restrict the movement of recruits, this problem should be solved as it is solved with a status of soldier.

The expert explained that if the state and limits the rights of conscripts, it must compensate for this. For example, if the civil rights of military personnel are limited in some matters, there is always a countervailing benefits, explained Alexander Perendzhiev.

"Besides, is not difficult to assume that if the law is limited to any particular categories of people, it is also easy to limit and other citizens.And this will undoubtedly cause aggression society, "- stated the expert.

Regarding the proposal to increase the age of conscription, Perendzhiev convinced that because the state wants to consolidate the service on an appeal, thus abandoning the contract service.

In these cases appear only tension between society and the handsHANDBOOK of the armed forces, summed Alexander Perendzhiev, offering to act as the Police Act - to publish on the Internet and allow all citizens the opportunity to comment on the new rules.


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