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In Berlin, the largest-Anti-Nuclear mass demonstration in recent decades

This happened on Saturday, September 18. According to organizers, it was attended by about 100 thousand people. The police counted about 40,000 protesters. Protesters marched through the city center, and then formed a human chain around the government quarter in which the Bundestag and the Federal Chancellery. People took to the streets to express their resentment against the policies of the federal government in the field of atomic energy. The action ended with a rally at the main station, at which representatives of several environmental organizations and the opposition, and then held a symbolic sit-in.No one is hurt.

The reason for excitement: The protests caused the recent decision of the government of Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel) to increase periods of 17 nuclear power plants at an average of 12 years. This energy concerns, which operate nuclear power plants, will allocate part of the profit on the development of technologies for the production of environmentally clean electricity. Moreover, in accordance with a law adopted earlier "red-green coalition, plant scheduled to close in 2025, now the deadline is extended to about 2040.

Alternative view:
Opponents of nuclear energy believe that the above proposal is not enough. They are confident that the government caved in to pressure from energy concerns, and should reverse this decision. "The wide appeal shows that the citizens of Germany can not stand politics, serving the interests of nuclear safety concerns at the expense of the population," says the statement of environmental organizations.

Details: For the convenience of demonstrators railway company Deutsche Bahn AG introduced additional passenger trains.In order to maintain "order" during a demonstration in Berlin were drawn large police force, traffic in the city center was blocked. According to preliminary data, the protest passed off without serious incident.

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