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Anarchy. Direct Action.

First of all, let me change the order of the story and start with our own, anarchic view of the situation: "Anarchy. Direct action " . Why? Because although instead of conversation, and you can use the stick, the words always retain their power. Words give the meaning of the surrounding reality for those who are willing to listen. They declare us the truth. And the truth is this: our country is going something wrong, is not it? Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and depression, the prohibition of the right to protest a ban on thinking about the protest.Instead, we have - a system of external supervision and corporate media.

On March 14 the Belarusian television aired a documentary (a reference to the State Film, naturally, at the end of the anarchist paper), aimed at discrediting the ideology of anarchism, the concept of "direct action" and directly of the Belarusian anarchist movement.

Political upper conducted their own case study of the anarchist movement, and tried to get to the roots of high-profile, high-profile society events and phenomena.Arson state and capitalist property in Belarus in recent years have concerns about the political circles of the upper country.

With excitement and bitterness in the soul of the natural processes that destroy the foundation of political and economic power, the top, first had to talk about global financial issues and protest movements around the world. Not able to trace the end of the logical course of rebellion and radikalnogof protest, the authorities decided to swing themselves.   This documentary has publicly denounced those competent persons of the state and financial management, which concerned changes in social status and the elimination of inequality.

The main characters Documentaries: Alexander Makarov (Head of Security Branch 511 of Belarusbank), Alexander Ivanov (Head of Investigation Department of Internal Affairs of Minsk City Executive Committee), Alexander MASKALEVICH (security chief FPB) and pr.predstaviteli interests of the state is very lightly and the habit of his clerical, thoughtless judgments in the course of the film deliberately maneuvered between the interests of society and at risk of attack anarchists public property.This layout of the plot did not reveal malformations of anarchism as such (not counting, though the story of the Bobruisk group of activists), on the contrary this film was created and transferred to a much needed and appropriate moment, namely during the period of economic instability in the country related to the rise in prices and pr.nepriyatnostyami. Anguish and frustration of the majority of people from public antics only inflame public interest in anarchism.

Accordingly, the writers of the film itself, having no idea prompted a majority of certain reflections, for example, in the course of the movie now and then noted that the appearance is quite adequate and successful young men burning government property.In connection with what humans have viewed this film may be left unanswered a number of very important questions: "Why are these intelligent and adequate people doing strange? And why do they rule forbids it? ".

The State has already played a role in the story, further his actions rather predictable.Power and all its advocates and government in a fit of anger and resentment toward the anarchist youth showed all his mental and moral squalor, giving the anarchists the chance to tell the last and decisive word. After all, discreet, wins in the eyes of others, when he suddenly found his dignity.

We continue to struggle and move to victory! Time, the authorities will expire!

- Video. Neangazhirovannyh version of "Anarchy.Direct action "from ACHK-Belarus:

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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- Review movie BT "Not a very scary movie"

- March 17, expect reports on rallies in the days of united action against state repression.

- Anarchist journalists with BT. Best PR anarchist movement at the public expense: "Anarchy.Direct action. "

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