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On the situation in Libya and the class struggle

In the developments in Libya are clearly seen three trends.

Firstly, there is a spontaneous uprising of the people dissatisfied with the dictatorship of Gaddafi and wants to fix it. Secondly, in the wake of this movement raises a potential new elite, which, using the popular discontent in their own interests, hopes to take the place of Qadhafi, "has entered a strange hump in paradise." Both these developments have taken place in all the "color revolutions", as well as in the Soviet liberal revolution of 1986-1993 years. notorious "restructuring", in default, in fact, the first color revolution.Like all the "color revolutions", the new elite professes liberal ideology of "free market". What causes such an ideology, exemplified in Russia where, since 1992 the population is rapidly shrinking, in spite of immigration, and where a significant portion of the people are still willing to tolerate the current government only out of fear of a repetition of "swashbuckling 90. On the other hand, while the people retains its activity, and feels his strength is retained possibility of the "color revolution" in the present, the social revolution, smashing the old social order based on inequality, exploitation, subordination of the state and create a society based on equality, mutual general participation in production, consumption and management.Even if this does not happen, even if the revolution does not go beyond the "color", while the people retains its activity, and feels its power, the power to reckon with the people (as an example, and the USSR in 1990-1991). However, besides the above two trends in the Libyan developments there is a third.This intervention of NATO countries.

Sarkozy and his allies needed a small victorious war. They expect her to kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, to establish control over the revolution in Libya, not to let it go beyond the "color revolutions", Libya impose liberal values. Second, pay off the revolutionary movement in their own countries, to divert its own people from the class struggle, turned his attention to "external enemy". This war, like any war, under capitalism, is beneficial to the capitalists, profit from trade in oil, weapons, restore shattered economy - in a word deriving from the war a variety of benefits.It is disadvantageous to ordinary people, the money which it is conducted and discontent which it suppresses the slogan of "national unity in the face of a common enemy."

Winning and Sarkozy & Co means the defeat of the revolutionary movement in Europe and the formal victory of the revolutionary movement in Libya in the actual conversion of the latter into a puppet, doll, toy in the hands of Western European and North American "advocates", discrediting the revolution in the eyes of the Libyan people, as well as liberal reforms and robbery Libyan people for the image and likeness robbery of the peoples of central and eastern Europe.Gaddafi's victory means the defeat of the revolutionary movement in Libya, the preservation and strengthening of the dictatorship of reprisals against "traitors" and an example to other dictators that they will know that the revolution can be suppressed if the act less violently. Save the revolution in Libya and in Europe can only be defeated on both sides.Sarkozy & Co have to be defeated not by Qaddafi, but from his own people. The fate of the revolution can be solved on the streets of Europe.

We call on all workers of France, Britain and other countries whose authorities have taken part in the intervention, begin an active anti-war and anti-government campaign in their countries. This will not only save the Libyan Revolution of shame and its transformation into a liberal revolution, but also to intensify the revolutionary struggle in Europe. The salvation of the peoples' struggle can only be a class struggle.We also urge the Libyan regime fighters Gaddafi did not fall for promises of liberal politicians. They do not need freedom of the Libyan people, they need the freedom to rob the Libyan people. Their words about freedom and equal opportunities as false as the words of the people's Qaddafi government. To the people of Libya has indeed become a free, Qaddafi dictatorship, clothed in a fictitious municipality, must be replaced by a dictatorship and another's rich and authentic self-governing people.

Neither Gadhafi nor liberals!

No war mwaiting for people, giving a war between classes!

Moscow Group MPST

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